Sunday, March 21, 2010


"Life Is Interesting"

21 March Sunday - I hope my exam papers were useful !!! My add maths suck , need practice more +_+

The holidays are ending , we are heading ashore to school.The seas of memories we been through this week were heart filling but too bad we are heading ashore.Looking back , happy memories should be remembered and unhappy ones should be casted out to the ocean.Forever drifting but hopefully never to be remembered again.As I cast my anchor down to the ocean , I look back at the sea that I once roamed free and the vessel which I was upon.This holiday is officially closed for me.So don't care about what homework you have right now what you have done , whats important is did you had fun during the holidays ? Leave an interesting response to the comment section below or the chatbox in the sidebar.

Guys , I am seriously happy.Mainly because you guys gave me a good feedback about that video below even though its a bit dirty.The only negative response is from my relatives haha.So due to the good feedbacks given by you loveable people who read my blog , I would make more of this videos.So look forward to more videos.Oh , some of you guys ask me why didn't post my vlog about the gathering that day.Well the reason is because its too long and I need to time to make it better and shorter.I am still on a verge of learning video editting.

Oh and guys , I am glad you guys gave me good feedbacks about my friend's video on Youtube.Your messages would be passed to her as soon as possible.Thank you for commenting and telling me about how you feel !!!

Lately , during the holidays.I got alot of strangers talking to me , they are all on Facebook.They are like random people come and chat with me to know me better.All of them were girls and I was taking precautions while talking to them because you will never know that they are internet scammers.They asked for my photo and I told them to go my profile.Once they saw my pictures , they offlined.I laughed everytime because its funny xD.It is only funny when you see our conversations.But it is kinda sad because maybe they got scared by my looks and ran away.Anyways guys , BECAREFUL OF INTERNET SCAMMERS.

I am alone in my house right now , my mom is in the hospital and I can't see her because I am still doing my homeworks.I wish I could see you mom T_T , get well soon !!! Love you =D

Heres a little video to calm your senses before going to school =)

Ops my pencil is broken , I got a pile of homeworks to do , can I burn them ? :D no =.=



  1. I love holidays because dun need to go school, haha ~
    your mum still in hospital? I'll hope she get well faster, then you will see her in your house

  2. Haha , I really want her to be in my house right now ><