Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rowdy Day

"Twinkle Twinkle Little No Stars :("


28 March Sunday - Hmm dark , good xD

Yesterday was one darky day , darky because of Earth Hour.My family closed our lights and some other electronics , we didn't close the TV and the living room fan.Judging by the picture above , I think 40 or 50% of the area's population close the lights.Most of the people living in the condominium I am living in right now did not close their lights yesterday night.I think they treat Earth Hour as bullshit , my dad said it is useless just by closing lights for 1 hour once a year.Its useless just by closing the lights for one hour but if everyone in the world does close their lights then it would be effective , the problem is most people don't care.

Streetlights sure cannot close because there was still alot of cars cruising the road.The tall condominium on the right is a new PV condo while the other 3 PV condos are at the far back near melawati LRT station.I closed my lights for 1 and a half hour.

On my way to tuition today , I walked pass a  farm garden beside my school.The fences guarding the farm garden has morning glories all over it.These beautiful flowers bloomed beautifully while I was passing the farm garden.I took two pictures of this beautiful flowers because they are so beautiful and graceful.Morning Glory is probably one of my favourite flowers along with Hibiscus.

So whats your favourite flower , leave your interested answers in the comment section below or the chatbox in the sidebar.

Today my friend Calyn gave me a birthday present haha , I appreciate your sincereness.Its Shawn The Sheep , ain't he cute.I like his goofy eyes and his fluffy fur , a perfect candidate to hug during sleeping nights.Sorry if theres only one picture of this little fella , my other pictures had errors , it can't show up on my blog , only empty blank spaces showed up.

If you know the cartoon , you will know that he doesn't speak only baaaaah around with his other sheep friends.He is usually the mastermind behind schemes and plans of each episode.He sometimes work together with the sheepdog against the pigs and the farmer.Thanks Calyn for your wonderful gift xD , never knew that you would give one of my favourite cartoon characters as my birthday present.Really surprised me !!! Good luck on your first Form 4 exam.If all As , I belanja you makan haha.


Ops my pencil is broken , lol ??

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