Tuesday, March 9, 2010


"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

March 9 Tuesday - SMILE :D

Siblings are the ones who are telling you that god doesn't want you to go on alone.Alot of people have siblings , they are a part of our family until the very end.They have the same genetic code as you and they have the same parents as you.Even though if they are step-siblings , they are still our siblings.I only got a brother , oh how I wish I got a sister.But the fact is I don't , I pestered my mom to born one but she denied.Can't blame her though , the pain of delivering a baby is gruesome.

I only got a little brother , he is a very mature guy for his age.I seen friends of his , all playful and talk vulgars all the time.We are brothers till the very end and will be until the very end.Surprisingly , unlike most other people.We don't fight each other instead we work together.One is strong but Two is stronger.When you see me and my brother work together facing you , you better surrender and lay down your head.Haha , I am too over confidence =.=.You will rarely seen brothers work together , since boys like to fight over properties.I always seen sisters work together , the only time they fight is over toys or things they like haha.

My bro always say I am the best brother he has ever seen ( I am not lying -_- , you could ask him).He seen brothers fought each other or even scold their little brothers.But I worked together with him and I always accept the things he likes.He shared to me alot of his secrets and I kept them for more than 10 years.From small to big , we shared alot and did alot together.He has alot of girls admiring him , my brother is kinda handsome lolz.Everytime we went to different houses , aunties would say my bro is handsome.I am trying to help him get his "target" , the girl he likes is perfect for him he said.Me and my bro see eyes of girls , eyes contained all the personalities and traits.

So heres a question , do you have a sibling and do you like them ? Leave your answers in the comment section below or the chatbox at the side ---->

Heres a little song for you guys , Taylor Swift - Love Story.Enjoy ~

Oh Guys I almost forgot to post this link , I just wrote a simple short story on my second blog.So heres the link , its about Mother Nature.


I reached 3000+ views yeah ~ Thank you guys for commenting and viewing my blog.Especially to those who commented on my blog almost everyday.Your comments are most appreciated

Ops my pencil is broken , I want a sister T_T


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  1. wow, that is a large number =)
    I will be your elder sister, haha~