Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"Eminem !!!"

31 March Wednesday - Tomorrow is April Fool ~

Its April Fools tomorrow guys and you know what that means ?

Random Guy : Trick Nicholas the whole day ?

No !! It means you could trick people whole day !! When I was small , April Fools was my favourite day.I would trick my friends and my friends would trick me , it is the natural cycle of April Fools and nobody is gonna stop it.Usually people would use the usual small jokes , like tricking people into the trickster's plans.Once I remember when I was Form 1 , there was a game company stated that it would release it's game on April 1st.On that day , the game company told us APRIL FOOLS and said that it would be released the next day.I was furious and kinda laugh that time haha , that company fooled us indeed.So what is your biggest being tricked situation ? Share with us and let us a little laugh.

I may not blog tomorrow , mainly because its my birthday and I want some peace , a break from all this daily blogging.My brother always told me "TAKE A BREAK BRO , you been daily blogging like no end this past few months".I would object him because daily blogging has become a part of my life right now , it helps me to remember what I done for the day.

Just now I has an amazing trip to the petrol station ~ My mom picked me up from tuition and zoomed to the nearest Petronas fuel station.On my way to there , I saw a guy who looks like a white guy and my mom's car was right behind him.I shouted "Welcome To Malaysia" , then the white guy turned his head around.I was really frightened that he heard me , he is not a white guy but a chinese that looks like a white guy.I think he dyed his stupid eyes.I wish I brought my handphone with me , recording that would be awesome.

Do you like EMINEM ? He is the greatest rapper alive.I know most rappers mostly rap about drugs , sex and all that stuff.But Eminem mostly raps about his life and the world , I love his musics.In my opinion , he is better than Lil Wayne and Jay Z.Now , Michael Jackson , Lady Gaga and Eminem are my idols !!! Thanks Jimmy and Jason for introducing such a wonderful artist and change my mind of the rapping community ~ Rapping ain't that bad , just make sure you listen to the right guy :D

This song inspired my short story "Don Do Dis Daddy" When I am Gone ~

Ops my pencil is broken , Homeworks suck


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