Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dead Plant / Upload / Crazy Dreams

"Life is Interesting"

24 March Wednesday - The only easy day was err....yesterday !!

Dead Plant

Aww man , my dad's plant is wilting right now.No matter how hard I tried , I can't seem to save him.I am like a surgeon with bad news to his clients about how he failed to save someone.Its name is George , I named it that because it looks like a George to me.My dad and me had no idea how to take care of a plant like this , we never took care of a plant like this before.My dad said it was the sun , some flowers can't take too much sun.But when me and my dad took it in , after two days , it gets worse lol.

I don't know whats the name of the plant because I never seen such a unique plant before.We bought it during Chinese New Year , that explained the colours of the plant.We also bought two other tree plants , they are currently very healthy except for George.Poor George , I can't do much for him , I am not an expert gardener.If any of you guys know someone or yourself who is a plant expert , tell me and give me his or her contact number.


I will try to upload my videos on Youtube , my friend told me uploading videos on Youtube would be faster than Blogger.So if I do succeed , I would link my videos from Youtube to here so that you guys could see them.Sorry for the inconvenience =(

Crazy Dreams

Have you ever had a crazy dream ? I had one once and it is freaky.I was in a middle of a field and the place was windy.I looked around and heard a girl's cry , a familiar one that until now I can't figure it out which cry of person I know.I saw an owl flying towards me , it had golden feathers all over it.It had everything that a normal owl would , the only thing special about the owl was it was wearing an happy mask.I rode on it for no reason at all.It took me to a golden palace , it was beautiful.But as soon as I stepped in ... everything inside was either became dust or turned black , like everything was destroyed by a fire.

The owl slowly dissolved into a paper owl , a small origami paper owl.I took it and placed it inside my pocket.I walked through the hallways with moving shadows , I don't know whose shadows were they.Each time I stepped on the floor , a golden pathway lighted up and showed me somewhere.I followed the golden pathway and reached a destroyed room filled with chains and three broken chairs.Infront of the three broken chairs were three fully functional old style televisions.The middle one was opened so I sat on the middle chair.

As I sat on it , the television started to show me pictures.I forgot what those pictures were but I remember one picture because it was broadcasted the longest.The picture shown a man holding a child while watching a wasteland , he was crying when he was holding the hand of the child.His left hand or right hand , I forgot , was taking photo.All of a sudden , the castle disappeared.I was in the middle of the field again , the paper owl inside my pocket turned to dust.Then my eyes closed and I was at my bed with my mom calling me to wake up.

That dream was from when I was 13...

Have a crazy dream before ? Tell me in the comment section below ... the chatbox is not enough haha.

Ops my pencil is broken , CRAZY DREAMS



  1. Give your plant more water, haha xD

  2. Haha too much will leak +_+ , the plant pee I guess haha xD