Monday, March 8, 2010

Surprise Party

"Hsin Jie's Wishing Face"

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

8 March Monday - Ghostly Croaky Noise

Hey guys yesterday was awesome but I didn't write it on my blog yesterday because it was late and I was so tired.Before yesterday , Jay Ming and the others already planned to give a supa surprise party since her birthday was during the exam so we can't celebrate by that day.Ron made me think I can't join and I ended up not buying a present for her.Never thought he was just joking =.= , man I can't take a joke haha.

We got a 11.30am BM Karangan class so we used it as our rendezvous point.I went there earlier than others because my mom wanted to fetch my brother and she did not want to drive two rounds.I was the first in the classroom , I took my time reading Dragon Codex : Bronze and its amazing.I tried to open one of the air-conditioner but I failed =( , I kept on pressing the green button and nothing worked.But a girl suddenly went to press it and it worked !!! I was so shocked =.=.I sat with Calyn during Class , I hope I am not rude or anything lol.

1.Lim Jay Ming
2.Tan Kim Hoong
3.Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee
3.Ron Chin Qi Wynn
4.Lim Hsin Jie
5.Ng Jia Cheng
6.Jimmy See

I don't rank my friends , this is not a ranking.

So the boys (except Jimmy) went to Pizza Hut to buy Pizzas.The very same Pizza Hut that Calyn's birthday was at.We bought Two Hawaiian Chicken and One Hawaiian Tuna pizzas , all of them was LARGE.Ron can't stop SMS the girl who he likes , he can't put down his phone at all.He didn't put it down during the whole day , I told him to give the girl some space but he won't haha.

So after that , JC's brother fetched us to his house.Her house is amazing !!! Its big and luxurious.It was the first time I went there , others been there before.Oh and by the way , its her new house.We sat down and chill around on the couch while watching TV.All of us drank Green Tea , it was nice.Most green tea I drank last time was all so yucky but this was different.We ate pizza and then some spaghetti.The spaghetti was made by Jay's mom , it was delicious.

We went up stairs and chilled in JC's room while listening to music.I used a puppet teddy bear to make jokes with an annoying voice.Everyone was using their handphones to listen to different musics.You know it was one of those times that made me really want a handphone.But my savings are just half way away from getting a handphone , so I gotta wait like one two... 5 months I guess.

We went to the 3rd floor to watch Movies later on.The first movie was The Grudge , some weird horror film from Japan.It was about some girl having a spirit inside her womb and it caused alot of trouble.Like killing people and make "Croaky Noise".The sound amazed me because that sound usually came out of my mouth when I was hungry.The girl should really feed the spirit , come one its hungry thats why it has been so angry.The film was abit disappointing , it just showed some random scenes of the spirit pulling people to god knows where.

The second movie was Ong Bak.Ong Bak was awesome , the thai fighting styles were awesome.Ong Bak was about Ting trying to get back his village stolen statue head.He fought alot of formidable foes on the way and done alot of urban combat.I really love his ELBOW SMASH , WACHA.Next time when people hurt me , I am so gonna ELBOW SMASH them.The villain in the movie can't talk , he uses a voice amplifier.He reminded me of Stephen Hawkins.

ITS TIME , we surprised HJ with the cake JC bought.She was so happy haha , she never even suspected a thing from us.We sang the birthday song and HJ made a wish.Her wishing face is on the top.The cake was a ice cream cake :P.We did some photo montage , we looked so silly.We are photo whores xD.Happy Birthday HJ even though we celebrated late lol.

The last movie we watched was Mahjong King 3.I watched this movie 3 times already.Its about a lucky guy met a girl who has alot of bad omen then the lucky guy's mahjong skills became bad.His dad married a stranger that he met for a few days but the woman was plotting to steal their business.GO watch the movie , it was funny in a mahjong way.

We had fun during that party and I hope you had fun reading our experience.

Heres a little video before you go , its a video about soldier guys shooting a Stinger Missle on a tank.Its awesome so check it out.

Ops my pencil is broken , ELBOW SMASH.



  1. wow, the cake was so big and beautiful =)
    i think u had a fun day :D