Thursday, March 4, 2010

Such A Tough Day

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

4 March Thursday - Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

Hey guys whats up !!! I am very happy right now and I finally took some nap today after all those nights of craving over books.But the bad news was that Chemistry was making my head banging the table , chapter 3 didn't even came out.But instead , they chose Chapter 4 ??? The one we don't read lol.I am so dead.Add Maths was normal for me , number 10 was the hardest of all questions.I hope I didn't make any mistakes along the way because it would cost me my life.

Yesterday my brother told me his experience of his first Form 1 exam , its really random of his friend to do that.Before the teacher was about to take away the exam paper , his friend noticed one of the boys was er... touching his that.So he pretended he didn't see that and try to think of a plan to frighten him.So he saw two other people were playing papers and sleeping.He said while pointing "You sleeping , you playing papers" when he points to that guy I said before , he said "AND you ... your masturbating !".It made me laugh , he was daring enough to say it out loud.The boy of course immediately stop touching his there lol.That brother's friend was the one I hanged out with last week.I talked about him before in my blog right ?

Today , my electric supply got cut off.My dad forgot to pay the electricity bills , it happens every month haha xD.Can't blame him , he is so busy with his work , forgetting to pay the bills is a common mistake.I don't care if I don't have electricity , I am afraid of the HEAT.In Malaysia , without a fan or air conditioner.You are gonna be like in a sauna , all steamed up and sweaty.I can't read my story book properly , because I was sweating like hell.My mom hates it too +_+.I will write the story tonight so that means you guys could only read it tomorrow.It's name would be "Magic Music Box" , alot of stories have this name but all with different kind of stories.I will show you mine tomorrow.

OPS , I forgot to talk about the exam is over.So exam is over for now.I can finally go to the gym and rest.But first ... NOTE TO SELF : Study before the week of the exam.If you got a exam next week , study NOW.So good luck and all the best to my lovely Chong Hua friends who are about to take the test after the March Holidays.Why must it be so late ? Finished your March exam then in a flash , Mid Term Exam.Stressing much.

Theres a TON of ways to release stress.In Japan , they have shops for you to throw plates and break them !!! Just pay the fee and then they will give you some plates , go inside a room and break them while shouting.My way of releasing stress is -

1.Music Therapy
2.Play games
3.Go swimming

Go swimming to release your stress ? lol , it works for me but I don't know if it does for you.I feel so free in the water , like a little fish.A little tiny puny fish swimming through the waters.Even if theres no exam , theres still homework.Its better than having an exam in my opinion.

I made a friend angry today.I can't find a way to apologize , only let him let off his steam.Really sorry , please forgive me.Friendship is a very important bond , hate destroying one.

Heres a song for you guys , I like its melody and symphony.Iyaz - Replay , I don't wanna post the MV because it is kinda horny.So just the song and lyrics.

Ops my pencil is broken , One Sin No Deed.



  1. em em ~ waiting your Magic Music Box =)
    I will go your house and throw all your plates, haha xD
    I haven start revision yet, argh ><

  2. oh! this song!!
    I find it for a long time because I don't know the title

  3. Writing it right now haha.Then I will go to your house and throw all your plates xD.This song nice but the MV abit too err horny haha.Good luck in your revision xD

  4. o.O? I not study now.. haha ~
    anyway, thanks =)

  5. If you know the bond relation was important so don't anyhow try to break it.Regret only for the loser style.