Friday, March 5, 2010

Music Box

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

5 March Friday - Music Box , such a wonderful invention.

Hey guys I KNOW I am late haha because I went to tuition for almost the half of the day.I spent 3 hours to write finish "Magic Music Box" and I like it so heres the link to it and I hope you guys would like it :D.

Guys , have you ever wanted to throw something up on the power lines and see how it react ? We seen pigeons on power lines but they were fine because they only touched one power line.What if they touched two power line ? They would be like this ~

LOL , did you see that ? The branch looked like it ate alot of bad buritoes and it exploded.It does somehow looked like it time traveled.Notice the blue and purple flames ? Whats with all that sound ? Was the branch screaming for it's life ? I guess everyone would throw stuffs at the power lines to see this happening , looks like electrical blackouts are coming soon !!! Now before you guys say this is a fake , let me clear it out for you.We don't see pigeons or other birds got fried when they were on the power line.Thats because they were only standing on ONE line and not TWO lines.The branch touched TWO lines and it ended up a short circuit and KABOOM.

Today's tuition was fun but one of my friend got problems.He has been getting this problem for a long time right now.Me and my other friends tried to help him but he won't help him.So please guys , if you are reading this please do something for him k ?

Type "Be Strong" and then add any other words you like.Post it on the comments or the chatbox.I would make sure that I would send him this message.

Ops my pencil is broken , sorry to keep this short !!!



  1. wow, the youtube movie, so scary ><
    BE STRONG ya =)