Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2012 / Shawty / Back In The Days

"Life Is Interesting"

17 March Wednesday - Shawty Is A Eemie Meenie Miemo Lover


Ladies and gentlemen , sorry to break for you the truth.I am 70% convinced that 2012 is going to happen , the other 30% still disapproves with this theory.Of course , the real thing won't be like the movie lol.NASA predicted that during 2012 , the sun would release it's solar flares.Its not a normal solar flare , its a major one.Usually , our Earth's electromagnectic shield could reflect the solar flares and we would be safe.But NASA's satelite has detected a giant hole in the shield , so the solar flares are free to go in.When those solar particles hit Earth , they would short circuit our electrcity grids and supplies.NO ELECTRICITY and the solar flare would burn anything it touches.

So tell me if you guys believe in the 2012 controversy , leave your answers in the comment section below or the chatbox in the side bar.

Back In The Days

Today , I found my old photos during I was very young.Let me tell you a funny story.When I was small , I was a very playful and curious kid.Once , I was at the playground playing.My friend told me that she was bored and wants something to do rather than sliding.So I took her hand and ran around the playground.Guess what ? I fell haha.I got dirt in my mouth and my mom spent hours just to clean my mouth.My friend was okay , don't worry haha.

I remember when I was living at my previous home.The swimming pool there was very dirty , the personnels rarely even care to clean the pool.They left it to rot and theres a greenish colour to it.But when it is cleaned , people would use it ALOT.I remember when I was using it with my brother , a crazy kid threw trash and a bicycle wheel into the pool , NO KIDDING haha.We scolded the kid and my dad scolded the kid pretty hard.He cried and ran away.We spent the whole day , picking up those trashes.Talk about cold work.


Hey guys heres a song , I found out from a friend of mine.Its Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber's Eenie Meenie

Theres no vlog today sorry , there will be one tomorrow so stay tune.Tomorrow is gonna be one great day xD

Ops my pencil is broken , Gathering and JC house tomorrow WEEPEE



  1. wow, nice song =)
    err, i believe in the 2012 controversy xD
    then that time, we dun need to take SPM result xDDDD

  2. Yea cool song XD Aww , we can't be 18 anymore sad =(