Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parasites Are Nasty

"Life Is Interesting"

16 March Tuesday - I watched too much National Geographic and Animal Planet Today.

Whats up guys , there will be no Vlog today sorry for your disappointment but yea , no vlog today.Main reason is because I spent too much time today just to watch documentaries.You know , those National Geographic and Animal Planets ones.I am not saying that watching them is bad , its just that I seen too much disturbing things haha.But I learnt alot from these videos so I guess its like got pain and alot of gain.Heres what I learnt from these documentaries.

Parasites are BAD , really BAD.Before I go on , make sure you ate because after reading this post , you would be disgusted.Theres a fly called Botfly , which is twice the size of a common house fly.Its larvaes are actually parasites that could live in other organisms body.But usually Botfly can't lay eggs on those bodies so they ambush any mosquitoes they see and then transfer their eggs to them.When a mosquitoe suck a human's blood or any other animals blood.The eggs of the Botfly would land on the skin and hatch.When hatched , the larvae would dig in to our skin.There will be a hole on the spot and it would hurt.But don't worry , these flies are more common in like India and other countries around it.

Lately , a guy had a parasite living in his head.The doctors thought it was a turmoil at first but when during surgery , they found out it was a parasite living in his head.LUCKILY , he was saved.I am glad we got these smart doctors with us.They invented cures and ways to solve our problems.So leave an answer in the comment section below or the chatbox telling me what do you think about parasites.To me , I am fascinated by the ways parasites spread but I still hate those things lol.

lol and Anacondas are very impressive.They actually need 7 months to born their babies and they can't eat during that period , talk about good mothers.So they would hunt a very good meal before they go to breed because only well fed anacondas could breed successfully.Oh and Snake's venom could dissolve people's bones , too much acid I guess.Their venom could kill you in 30 minutes or less.Impressive eh ?

Nothing more , there will be more tomorrow.I want to post some of those videos on this post but I don't want you guys to get offended.Heres the link to the youtube's channel

Ops my pencil is broken , A GOOD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SHAWN. XD



  1. wow, you really watch too much documentaries xD
    no idea about parasites =)

  2. I should stop watching even though it was kinda fun xD

  3. haha, can improve your knowledge mar, good =)

  4. I stop watching because I seen too much parasites videos , they gave me the chills.