Friday, March 19, 2010

6B Gathering / JC Movie Party

"Life Is Interesting"

19 March Friday - I am ... what ? Vlog Is at the BOTTOM

Guys , what happens when you combine my group of friends and my primary classmates ? You get a fistful lot of fun , thats what it is !!! I haven't met my old friends for a long while and they changed alot.Even though only half of the class attended the gathering , I am glad to meet back all my old playmates in primary haha.Heres the list of people attended the gathering.

1.Jimmy See                                11.Zhen Xing
2.Jessie Ng                                  12.Wei Kian
3.Cui Yee                                    13.Han Xien
4.Jing Yu                                     14.Rui Zhen
5.Jing Fang                                  15.Ron Chin Qi Wynn
6.Jing Qian                                  16.Wei Fen
7.Pak Chin                                  17.San San
8.Yee San
9.Yee San's Brother
10Yee San's Sister

(Note : this is not a ranking !)

Ron was invited by Yee San , JC accompanied with Jimmy and Rui Zhen was invited by Han Xien I think.The meeting time was 11am in the morning but I went to the bus stop at 9am because I thought it was 10am.Well , better early than late xD.Cui Yee , Jing Yu and Zhen Xing arrived at 10.30am , we went to the oil station to buy some drinks and DIGI prepaid cards.Pak Chin and some other girls arrived , Pak Chin changed alot from what I knew of him.Everyone said I became much bigger , is that a good thing ? lol

We used the bus and the monorail to reach Time Square.I like sitting on the monorail , its like a roller coaster but less thrilling and dangerous with people sleeping on it haha.I don't really like Time Square so much , alot of cases about hooligans and gang fightings were happened over there.I can't vlog much and I can only vlog at safe places due to safety precautions lol.We arrived at Time Square , we chilled at McDonalds near Cosmo World.In the distance , I saw Ron with Yee San and his brother walking.We met up with them not long later.

I was surprised that Ron was there lol.I guess he wanted to meet Yee San so he came.Yee San's brother was quiet and very gentle.After that , we went to eat at McDonalds.Not long after , Jimmy came alone.Then not long after , Rui Zhen came and I was surprised too.I treated Yee San and Ron to some McDonalds.I ate the Spicy Mcdeluxe Set !!!

After a little hanging around the shopping centre , we went to watch Alice In The Wonderland.By that time , JC and HX arrived at the mall.Now I can't say I don't like the movie , I just don't like how they plotted the movie.Their visuals and cute talking animals are great in this movie but the plot and script suck.Most of their lines presented cold humor , not that funny at all.Just a few TeeHee and some Huh ? lines.Johnny Depp out did himself acting as the Hatter.His dance at the end of the movie was awesome.His moving style was somewhat same as Captain Jack Sparrow.Overall I gave the movie 6/10 for lack of good plotting and scripts.

We went to a restaurant to have a little dinner later.We talked about alot of stuffs but I felt like each people has their own groups and not together as one class group anymore.This is call the age of teenagers guys , we can't prevent it.The service there sucked haha , each time they served a meal they didn't tell us whats the name of the food and we ended up getting confused over which is which.

    Wishful Thinking - Pak Chin

Yee San's Brother

Him again xD

lol ?

Jimmy is whispering to someone !!!

Ron , you blocked I took

Don't look away

Covering again haha xD

So after that gathering of ours , we went to JC house for a watch movie party.Heres the list of people attended the party.

1.Han Xien
6.Rui Zhen

We watch paranormal activity and its one of the best horror movie I ever seen.Its about a couple living inside a house together.There was paranormal activities happening lately around the house so the guy in the movie bought a high tech camera to record anything that happens with the word paranormal.As the story goes on , the movie gets more and more intense.I gave it a 8/10 because the special effects were abit cheesy haha.

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  1. finally you watched Alice in Wonderland =)

  2. Ya xD , its good but abit disappointing ><