Sunday, March 14, 2010


"Life Is Interesting"

14 March Sunday - Kenny Roger's Muffins , Hoorah.

Hi whats up guys , today was a really fun day.I woke up early in the morning today just to get to the grave of my grandpa and grandma.It was hard for me to wake up today because I slept late yesterday just to finish my Karangan Class homework.Its a very hard homework to be frank , it looks easy at first but its hard when you started to do it.

Qing Ming Festival is a very rainy festival , if theres Qing Ming , theres bound to rain.Not heavy ones , light and sad ones.Its like the sky is crying and mourning for us too , you feel their tears on your head as it dropped on it.During Qing Ming , chinese families would visit their ancestor's graves.They would clean the surroundings of the grave and place offerings for the dead.This is a sign of filial peity and respect.Its tradition to do this and tradition must be taken.

Tuition was fun and strict as ever.The teacher told us to copy stuffs but he changed the slideshow too fast.We kept on trying to copy but he kept on changing haha.My hand was so tired from all that writing.The teacher is a great teacher but abit rushy , can't blame him , he wants to teach finish all the skills before class dismisses.

I really want to watch Alice in the wonderland right now , who wants to go with me this holiday ? Maybe I should ask my brother.

My mom bought Kenny Rogers Muffins , Hoorah.Its been long since I ate these little puffy pasteries.When I was little , we used to call Kenny Rogers to "Kenny Roasters".My mom and dad kept on saying that and I ended up saying that as well.But years passed and I started to know how to read the word so right now I am saying Kenny Rogers.I usually say "Cheese" instead of words that I don't know how to pronounce when I was little xD.

Aww man , I am sleepy.I asked alot of stupid questions and did alot of blur things today , sleepy eyes -_- , I gotta go take a nap.

Ops my pencil is broken , I want to go to sleep SO TIRED



  1. waoh.. yummy muffins =)
    err, I don't like monkey that much

  2. err.. what also can la, as long as it is yummy =)