Saturday, March 6, 2010

Huh ?

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

6 March Saturday - Late Night Alumni

Guys have you been noticing something ? My blog has been untidy lately.So I would slowly make some improvements each day because if I took the fast way , you may not view my blog for 2 or 3 days.Because I need to experiment layouts and some new HTML modifications to the blog.But maybe I would left out the HTML modifications lol ... most of the time when I tried to edit it , the whole webpage crashed.So I gotta be extra careful next time , I don't want my page to freeze up.I may or not may not change this layout , I am looking for someone who is very good in layout making.If someone know ANYBOBY who knows about layout making then please send me the link or contact number of him or her.I would pay for that individual person who helped me make my own layout.

Girls ! Boys stay out of this haha.Girls !! today I was bored at home because I got nothing much left to do since the exam is over.SO I spent my whole afternoon watching those make up videos on Youtube.I was so impressed about the power of make up , its like plastic surgery but not permanent and it doesn't make your face looks like a CGI.I will show you the video later haha.

*This Topic Is Inspired By Amy Ng's Blog, Her Link Is At The Side --->*

Yesterday , I went to Amy's blog and read her post about hairstyles.Am I the only one who doesn't like my hair to grow fast ? I look much better when my hair is shorter and if I try to look stylish , I look very bad.SO a simple hair and some decent clothes would do it for me.I don't need to look stylish or anything.Whats your favourtie hairstyle ? Tell me on the comments or the chatbox on the side bar.

My FAV girl hairstyles
1.Long and straight hair - Long and straight black hairs are one of my favourites.Girls with long and straight hair are mostly strong and determine.

2.Short hair with or without curly - By the meaning of short hair I mean those twist and curl ones.You know what I mean ? Right ? Theres like a comb sweep lol.

My FAV boy hairstyles
Errr , I don't know what hairstyle I like =.= , I can't think of any I actually like to become one of my favs.

REMEMBER to post a comment of what hairstyle you like and do you like plastic surgery ? Kabazoom Zooom


Another one and only Mystery Guitar Man.His videos are so awesome , watch this one !!! It would make you happy

Oh and heres the makeup video I talked about just now.Her name is Michelle Pham and she is a Make Up Guru on Youtube , she teaches people on how to apply the right makeup the right occasions.Much as I like watching these videos but I like the natural look the MOST.

Ops my pencil is broken , I like this sentence haha.


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