Thursday, March 11, 2010


"Life Is Interesting"

11 March Thursday - The last moments before the day ends.

I changed my opening from "Viewer Discretion Is Advised" to "Life Is Interesting".Life is clearfully interesting as anything could happen.The past is gone and the future is yours to mold.But life only comes in once so take care of yourselves my peeps.Life is like a video game but once you die , its game over for you forever.

Good news and bad news guys.Lets state the bad news first , I got alot of homeworks to do and I got very low marks for my BM.The tatabahasa part killed me >< , BM is such a hard subject for me.Good news time.I am pretty sastified with my results , except for BM and Physics.Another good news is that tomorrow I won't be going to school because there is gonna be a ceramah for almost the whole day.I don't wanna listen to the useless moral ceramah while sitting on a cold hard floor.Alot of my friends won't be going too , my mom agreed that I could stay at home.

Today is SPM Results day , I seen alot of our former Form 5 students in our Dewan Gemilang today.All wearing casual clothes getting ready to meet their SPM results.I heard from someone that nobody got Straight As because of Moral B.Straight As streak got destroyed by Moral lol.Most of our teachers were busy today so less studying today.I hope you guys got great results for your SPM !!!! Miss most of you seniors , last year seniors were the best !!! Form 4 students !! We must be good seniors next year !!!

Alot of people told me that I been too "open" in this blog.I been considering to set my blog to private but I don't want to do that.Next time , I will be careful not to let out my personal stuffs.

Today's BI class was fun , teacher gave us a sing along in class.She gave us pieces of paper and on the paper , there was an uncomplete lyrics for Green Day - 21 Guns.Teacher brought her laptop with her and played the music.She told us to fill in the blanks.After filling in the blanks and discussing the answers , teacher told us to sing along with the song.It was a nice song , the song is about Anti War.Check it Out ~

I am gonna watch the sun sets today , its been long since I watch the beautiful orange sun sets.

Ops my pencil is broken , Sunsets.


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