Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Battle Of The March Exam (1)

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

2 March Tuesday - Happy Birthday HJ !!! Its your birthday so remember to buy a cake to celebrate even though theres an exam right now.Expect a present soon.

Today I suffered heavy casualties , BM and Moral bomber planes took me straight to the boneyard.I pushed into BI and SEJ teritorries and in a verge of victory !!! lol , I sound like I was in a war.Well seriously guys , BM was abit confusing , especially the Tatabahasa part >< .Moral didn't give me enough time to think of all those freaking nilai-nilai.BI was easy but one of the questions made me O_O ??? Don't worry , I think I am fine lol.Sejarah ain't that tough since I read it the whole day yesterday.That Tamadun Indus question made me go O_O ??? also =.=

Sorry guys I ain't writing much today , but one last shoutout for HJ and her birthday.Happy birthday once again !!! Any readers could pass this message by commenting , I will make sure she will get it haha.There are still upcoming birthdays coming rawr , time to safe money xD.

Tomorrow - Physics , Maths and Biology.Physics are preparing snipers !!!

Heres a little song for you guys , girls would definitely like him unless you girls are more interested in manly guys and not a guy who hasn't hit puberty yet.

There will be a new story at Thursday since its my last day of exam.Its gonna be named "Family" or "Ohana" , I don't know lol.

Ops my pencil is broken , Give me bandages pls ?



  1. HJ happy birthday to you ,happy every day even we are not familiar xD from: Wong & Kim Hoong

  2. dang dang! your bandages here =)

  3. Wong : Your in her school , tell her yourself xD
    Calyn : Yeah , I am better now lol

  4. =) add oil in your exam, study and study ya~

  5. I so difficult to communicate with her , and I seldom to turn down and I spent a lot of time study at class...paiseh , just help me to transfer my greeting =)