Monday, March 29, 2010

Mom's Birthday / Clean

"Happy Birthday MoM"

March 29 Monday - This ice cream cake is kinda special ~

Hey whats up guys , I didn't go to school today because I "Chou Jing".I think its called cramp in English , this usually happens when you just woke up from a sleep.I woke up in the middle of my sleep yesterday night and felt the unbearable pain from my left leg.Trust me , you don't want to know how painful it was.It could make a man cry ... or just me lol.

Yesterday was my Mom's Birthday !!! My dad bought a birthday cake from a nearby bakery near my tuition centre.The cake was an ice cream cake , it has alot of flavours , the cake part was spongy and soft too , delicious.I forgot to take pics of my mom wishing !!! Sorry >< . We were so happy that we got to celebrate her birthday now that she is healthy again.Happy Birthday Mom xD

Today , I took my free time to clean my brother's room.I always hangout in his room during afternoons , I use my room during night times when dark.So the mess was also my responsibility too , this is before I cleaned it.



I still got a few finishing touches , I redecorated and cleaned the whole room.I hope its better , what do you think ? Is it better looking or worse looking ? To me , its looking much more better than before and I mean ALOT.I threw away alot of stuff to make the room look more simple and not like a place for dirty kids.My grandma said it looks much better , I can't wait to see my brother's face xD.

Tomorrow is a big day for Chong Hua or Chong Hwa Secondary School students !!! Its their examination period starting from tomorrow and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you guys all good luck !! Don't be afraid of the exam , just rush forward and face it !!! All the best my friends , :D


Ops my pencil is broken , another day another absence

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