Saturday, March 20, 2010

Video / My Talented Friend / Secrets

"Life Is Interesting"

20 March Saturday - Mr ... Watch where you are sitting.


Whats up guys , how was your day ? I spent my entire day experimenting videos , most of them ended up a failure.Theres an experimental video below at my last post so check it out guys and give me some feedback.Thx to Calyn and Kan for motivating me to make more and giving me a feedback without me telling you guys to , thanks xD.I would make more of these comedy videos together with my brother soon enough , you guys could leave suggestions or advice if you want.We are still considering want or not to make a new channel on Youtube.My brother is abit sensitive about Internet publicity.

My Talented Friend

Guys , I got a friend.She is one talented girl !!! I first met her on Facebook about 1 and a half years ago.She is a nice girl with super talented hands ! So she made a new channel on Youtube , she made a video of her playing the piano.Guys , you gotta check it out.Its pretty awesome.Comment , Rate and subscribe xD Support Support !!! She is also my first Youtuber friend.I hope she could be one of the best Youtubers xD



Haha , this is a short and rush post guys.Gotta do my homework at the freaking last minute.Heres a little song , its one of my favs.Be sure to check my video below !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , wheres my IKEA teddy ? its lost T_T




  1. who was that girl? really talented @.@

  2. Haha , I think she doesn't want people to know her.