Saturday, March 27, 2010

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27 March Saturday - My internet has been soft lately

I just want to congratulate anyone who gotten their certificates and prizes for today's Anugerah Cemerlang 2010.Hope you guys hold on those certificates with great pride , you geniuses deserved it !!! I don't have the photos or anything because I didn't go for the anugerah , I thought I can't use my handphone to take pictures haha.IF you want to see those photos and slide shows , go here :D

Its a link from a blogger friend of mine , Amy Ng

Its almost the day of my birthday !!! Hoorah ? Let me tell you a little story of my 12th birthday.When I was twelve , I pestered my mom and dad to make a party for my birthday.They agreed and it turned out a disaster.I was a real brat long time ago , always shouting at people and I was an annoyance to alot of people.Looking back at me during when I was a child , makes me kinda hate my younger self.No wonder my old friends told me I changed alot.Okay back to the story.

Alot of my friends came , all boys of course , I hate girls when I was in primary.Don't ask me , I also don't know haha.We sang and watched funny cartoons all night , I remember my wish was a giant house filled with servants.In the middle of the party , my friend's gameboy game catridge got lost and my friends were accusing a friend of mine.They all went to scold him and accuse him of stealing my friend's game catridge.But that friend was innocent but some of the boys beated him.The boy was left crying and his dad scolded us very badly.They went home not long after that.When they went away , I found out someone took my RM200 savings on my cupboard.

I really hate my younger self  >< .Now I know the meaning of girls maturing faster than boys.What do you think ? Should I make a party again for my 16th birthday ? Leave your answers in the comment section below or the chatbox in the sidebar.

Here are the results of yesterday's choice among 10 stories

1.Silent Love - 11
2.Telephone - 7
3.I Promise You - 5
4.War Never Changes - 5
5.How To Make A Bird Fly - 2

others are either one or none

Why you guys chosen Silent Love ? This is a very interesting story to write because most boys are like that.He likes the girl with a boyfriend but silently loving her and helping her.Telephone is a great story to write too , my friend yesterday night told me her cousin because of a telephone , she is married to her perfect man.People are still pestering me to write I Promise You , a perfect setup for a good theme indeed , a friend of mine told me "This would be a very touching one".War Never Changes is truly a thrilling story to write , picturing every madness of a man trying to survive war.How To Make A Bird Fly was chosen by my brother and his friend , they told me "This would be peaceful and funny".

Boys , I understand why you guys chosen Silent Love so I would write this first =)

EARTH HOUR 8.30 - 9.30 !!!!! TONIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE SURE TO CLOSE YOUR LIGHTS AND EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally a chance for our Earth to heal , remember to watch the beautiful night sky ~

Ops my pencil is broken , Silent Love


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