Monday, March 22, 2010

How I Wish

"Life Is Interesting"

22 March Monday - How I wish

To tell you the truth I am wishing
How I wish I could know what you think of me
How I wish I could be by your side at all times
How I wish I was not foolish when I was young
Choosing the wrong decisions and followed the wrong path.

I am still wishing
How I wish I could understand your way of speaking
How I wish I could be a special one in your heart
How I wish I could be something more
Just helping you everytime in a silent way.

Hold on I am wishing
How I wish I could make a wonderful day for you
How I wish I could make you smile every single time
How I wish I could tell you the secrets lingering in my mind
Those secrets running around in my mind all day long just waiting to jump out.

But those wishes are tend to be blocked by people and situations.
I wished all the day long but god knows whats best for me or not
I don't care who objected me or told me I was wrong
I just hope that I done actions before all it is too late

How I wish you know...

As a final wish , I sworn to myself to change after this day.

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Little Message

Today I felt the urge to write a poem lol , dunno why +_+
I just wanna thank Jimmy See for fetching me home today from tuition , haha.Ohya , my friend who was in the video said Thank you for all your blessings.She is motivated to do more in the future.

Ops my pencil is broken , another day another gravy spilled


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