Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Smiling Doctor =)

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

10 March Wednesday - Chainsaw here and hammer throw there

My neighbour is making alot of noise right now , the main reason because they renovating their house.I can't blame them , when my house was renovating , we made alot of noise to our neighbours too.My dad is a real snicker to renovations , he spent weeks on finding a good design style for our house.But sadly we can't afford expensive designs but my dad tried his best to make our house look good.Most of our furnitures are from IKEA.If you don't know IKEA , IKEA is like a giant furniture store from interior designers all around the world.IKEA is cheap and nice so my dad bought most of our furnitures from there.

My dad once asked me "Son , when your all grown up and have a wife.You would have bought your own house right ? What kind of design do you wish to put on ?".I haven't answer that question yet because I am still thinking.I thought of a few designs.For my living room I would have an all Japanese feeling with the season summer.My toilet would have a high tech feeling to it , sleek and futuristic looking design.Master bedroom of course would be a romantic feeling with a sense of spring.These are all the designs I thought of.

What about you guys ? What kind of designs you wanna have on your new home or your current home ?

I want to watch this MOVIE !!!

Who wants to watch with me during the holidays ?

Guys , my fever is getting better alot.I went to the hospital today and found out that my fever is not a normal fever.My fever was caused by a virus and not the temperature inside my body.Thats why I am having a hard time getting my temperature to cool down.The doctor gave me a shot and I feel much better right now.I hate injections , the doctor would make you think of other things when he is about to stab you with it.

Note to self : Play along with the doctor because if your not thinking about other stuff , you would feel pain.

Ops my pencil is broken , sickle !!!



  1. o.O? September 24 only can watch this movie ?

  2. haha, then you holiday also cant go watch liao xD

  3. yalor ><
    oh ya, why are you so upset? weird leh ><

  4. Haha I am fine , don't worry.Ya I can't see =.=

  5. OOH I KNOW , Alice in the wonderland xD