Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Battle Of The March Exam (2)

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

3 March Wednesday - The battle goes on ...

Hey whats up guys , today's exam was kinda moderate to me.Physics was really hard and all I read yesterday was almost useless.Most of its questions were that of requires common sense rather than reading the book lol.Only a few calculation questions , I spent whole night reading Physics calculations yesterday -_-.Bio was the easiest !!! I know how to answer all the questions except for that last part and 3 or 4 objective questions not too sure.Math , I done some careless mistakes , pretty good.

Yesterday my friend and I discussed about me writing a detective story after I finished Tale By Tail.Detective stories are the most hardest for me to write apparently , ghost stories are the easiest for me to write lol.Detective stories requires the writer to be more mature and be more realitist.I can't think of unicorns taking a sword while fighting a talking bread !!! I need to be serious and the settings must be dark.I must be tricky and cunning too , I need to play the reader's minds in order to not let them know who is the killer.

Maybe I will write one or maybe I will not.

As usual , I can't talk much.Gotta revise and study !!! Tomorrow's Add Maths and Chemistry.

Heres a little no... two songs for you guys !!! Enjoy guys :P

Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl , I like the song's name.But I can't do it , shes not lonely anymore xD.

FIREFLIES XD , this guy is a musical genius !!! Watch the music video !!! Its awesome xD

Ops my pencil is broken , pencils TIME ~~~


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