Friday, March 26, 2010

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"Life Is Interesting"

26 March Friday - Night night :D


Its been long since I wrote a story and posted on my blog , been pretty lazy these days.But yesterday , I got a flash of ideas ready to let it all out to the my book along with my pencil.Today , without thinking I wrote a part of my upcoming big story , The Fishy Tishy.It has two parts because it is pretty long , I wrote the sample on my little sample book.I also got alot of stories coming soon just for you guys , its hard to keep up with everything since I got alot of things to do.Here are my upcoming stories for you guys ~

1.The Fishy Tishy (Two parts - a fishmonger's adventure)
2.I Promise You (Short story - two family members trying to keep each other's promises)
3.War Never Changes (Short story - a civilian in war trying to survive the cold harsh hands of war)
4.Teddy Run (Short story - a story about a teddy bear trying to flee a mean owner)
5.I Will Miss You (Two parts - a love story of a nerdy boy)
6.Toy Land (Short story - a old man stumbled upon a land filled with toys)
7.Telephone (Short story - a telephone brings two lovers together)
8.Blue Kid (Three Parts - the adventures of a sad boy)
9.How To Make A Bird Fly (Short story - two girls trying to make a bird fly)
10.Silent Love (May have two parts - a boy who is silently loving a girl who has a boyfriend)

Which do you think would be the best ? These all would be in my book , Tale By Tail.Choose which one you like and I may write it first.So far , I like The Fishy Tishy , Blue Kid and Silent Love.Leave a comment in the comment section below or in the chatbox of the sidebar telling me which you want to be written first.

My Credits

Arhhh , my handphone so fast left so less credits.Communications suppose to be free , not charging everyone just to call someone.Thats just my opinion xD.From RM30 to RM8 , I lost so much for 3 weeks !!! Don't get me wrong , I still want your text messages and phone calls.I would reply no matter what xD , don't say "don't want disturb Hwa Ee" , text me more !!! Don't let me get bored =.=  thanks xD


I would like to congratz anybody who would get their prizes tomorrow !!! Your efforts on last year PMR and SPM were all worth it , now go up stage and accept your glory !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , remember to COMMENT !!! Nothing to write today :D



  1. I'm waiting your second story xDD that I promise you =)
    haha, who call you use so many your phone xD

  2. i choose no.10!!!

  3. Calyn : Yea I used alot xD , kk second story.
    Jay : HAHA , many ppl choose no.10...