Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Bubbles

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

28 February Sunday - Sunday's bubbles ? I just popped most them and all them made a POP noise O_O.

Whats up guys , its morning and I decided to write my blog earlier than usual.MUCH earlier than usual.Sorry about yesterday's post , I was in a state of depression but I am fine now since someone helped me to stand back up.Now I am perky and happy than most of the time.I am back to my old self once more xD

FAV !!! Everyone has their own favourite things.On Youtube , you could favourite any video you watched or you like.In life , you could favourite anything you like or interested in too.I am gonna share with you some of my favourites to you guys.

This is my favourite song , Jason Mraz - I'm Yours.His voice is so beautiful and soothing.It makes you feel happy and calming at the same time , he sings beautifully during LIVE too so he doesn't need autotune to sound better.The video is nice too , he in Hawaii and how he spent his time over there.Hawaii is such a beautiful island , reminds me about Lilo and Stitch.OHANA means family and family means nobody gets left behind.

My favourite singer and idol would be Lady Gaga.Her imaginations and creativity surpasses most artists , thats why she is so different from the others.She managed to be a hit in less than a year , makes her even more outstanding.Her ridiculous fashions that most people would never wear but she wears all the time.From latex to common silk , Lady Gaga wears it all , as long as its fashionable.Criticism doesn't affect her but in the end she is on top of stairs.

My favourite weather is Rain , especially heavy rain.Rain is gloomy but its relaxing at the same time.Imagine the cold air and water drips on your face when you are looking out the window.Each rain drop that dropped onto something made a wonderous tune that only nature could provide.My room is rain colour because its relaxing and it helps me to calm down.

Well heres some of my favourites , but what about you guys ? Share me whats your favourite song , singer and weather.Comment or just write it down on the chatbox , come on dont be shy.

Ops my pencil is broken , have a wonderful day guys XP Peace out HOMIES


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  2. Nvm, some addition here.
    I really love clean and fresh water, it grant me to new life.
    So , I think we got the same characteristic some time,I love rain and many songs I like,who the singer I don't care,the main point must be nice in music and sound.So,wht yur favorite drinks and food?

  3. ><
    I dont like rain leh~
    but, also dun like sunny day :P

  4. o.O? not bad ~ but .. i scare too cold, haha

  5. haha, not bad also =)
    eh? no new post ar ?
    oh ya, good luck in your exam ya :D
    +u +u +u ! keep going ~