Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't Leave The Starfish

3 February Wednesday - What is there a pimple of my hand ??? I woke up this morning with this little thing on my hand.Man I need help lol.

Hi whats up guys , as you all know I changed my blog's template.Choosing a template is very annoying , you would change your template and ended up missing the old one again.Its like breaking up with your girlfriend but you ended up missing her unless shes a bad girlfriend 0_0.My previous template was Night Sky , I started to hate it because it gave me an all alone in the dark feeling.This one is perfect , may stick to this until I got someone to help me make my own template just for me.

Haix , those who didn't go to extra curriculum yesterday ended up getting punishments today (Including me).After the daily school meeting , the teachers announced that those who didn't stay back after school yesterday must not leave the meeting field.I wanted to run away xD but my gut told me to stay.And my gut was right , those who escaped will be found soon and their punishments would be worser.One of the teachers told me to hunt down Chinese students zzz , I felt bad.Some of the students I found just ask me stuffs that I can't answer , I am not the one giving orders.

Puan Aziah scolded someone 0_0 , never seen her so angry >.<

The punishment was run around the field 5 times.The weather was hot and the terrain sucks , rough floors and shining rays of the sun made it more worse.My friends went on a running spree , leaving me alone to walk and walk and walk lol.Don't leave the starfish behind guys =( (Starfish = Patrick).

Leg ended up tired but not that tired , I was just sweating alot.

Today is my English teacher's last day of teaching us until April since theres a new teacher gonna teach us English for 3 months or so.I like her not teaching but another side of me wanted her to stay...hmmm

Okay enough about school , everybody hates schools.Lately I seen a video , the video is about someone pouring Pepsi into a box of meat in the fridge.After waiting for hours and then...Yeah you gotta see it for yourself.I am just gonna tell you this , it is fake and gay.I'm just saying ~

I cant find the link ~_~ sorry guys

Ops my pencil is broken , Stupid PIMPLE !


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