Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Freak Powers

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

16 February Tuesday - I wonder why people in clubs use drugs even though they know it could kill them , probably think that its cool ._.

Lets talk about freaky powers today , what if one day you got an option to have freaky powerful abilities for the rest of your life ? What would you choose ? I would choose the ability to fly , simple because tell me one situation that flying is a bad thing.You could escape from dying situations and you could even get free flights to everywhere in the world unless its a no flying zone made by the military , if you do fly over these places make sure not to get hit by incoming rockets because those things could kill you ! So whats your freaky powers of your choice ? Leave your answer in the comment section or chatbox at ---->

Now people are asking how do you guys comment on my post , just go to the end of the post and click the "Read User's Comments" caption.Then you just type your message and comment , remember to register for a Google account or hotmail email.

Now today was one hella fun day , I went to Prima for a walk after trying to help a friend to fix his technical problems.Its sunny today and the streets were empty , its like a ghost town.Probably because Prima is more of a Chinese place , most of the locals were away for Chinese New Year.Now I rarely even went for a walk with someone beside me but this time my brother followed me.He INSISTED that I buy an old video game that I already had , now not really "had" more like a "broke".I broke the DVD but I played finish the game so I was really curious why are we buying a new one.And guess what ? After I bought it , the DVD ended up not installing the game.Neat day eh ? :D

I know I posted this post late because I went out for dinner today.All the upper class restaurants are closed today , so I ended up eating in a hawker place with my family but the food was awesome than the ones in those fancy manshy restaurants.But the bill was woah O.o and the period for them to serve you the food is slower because theres alot of people eating there.

Now guys I have TWO videos for you guys , yes TWO.This first one is a baby rocking to death metal music.The baby is cute and adorable , it looks sweet and innocent and then he started to dance along with the hardcore rock music in the car.The baby later then fell asleep and became a cute little angel again :D.This video is cute and awesome so check it out.

Now I don't really like metal band musics but I hope this kid would be the next Linkin Park 0_0 He even wears like a metal band dude haha , such a cute little baby.

Now this next video is really awesome.Its from a guy named MysteryGuitarMan and he is the most creative and funny guy I ever seen on Youtube ! Kanchelski and I are big fans of him simply because he is super creative.I respect creative and vision filled people , because they can change the world !!! Heres one of his videos , its called Iflip !!!

If you like this video then watch more of his videos in his channel.He is a stop motion genius !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , Glee has been removed from PPStream ? *TOOT* you PPStream.


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