Monday, February 8, 2010

Emo Teddy Bear ?

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

8 February Monday - This is my 100th post xD I know , you guys would think "Where got ?".Well theres a few posts I written only for myself and cannot be publicized.I made a private blog , nobody can see it xD.I would move those posts to that new blog.

Hey guys whats up , today is Monday.Today moon's shape was crescent shape 0_0 , it shone beautifully during the dark morning sky.Today I decided to make that new blog because alot of reasons.I don't have anything or someone to talk about my feelings and also I decided to start a get fit montage !!! I would write my get fit logs in that blog.LOL Puan Wong told me not to keep fit because I won't be the same if I got fitter haha.Will I ? O.o.

So yesterday , I already decided to go to Calyn's birthday party BUT Wednesday got extra curriculum class.Aww man , I already bought a gift.People always scold me for giving teddy bears but this time its her request.I can't deny a request xD.BUT WTF I can't go =_= , I gotta find a way to give her.If not , that gift would be sitting on my table for a long time.I can't get out of school that day since Puan Aziah would close the doors.

Singer and Nicholson 0_0

Okay I guess thats all ? NO , you must see this video.Its about some Australian news about investments rising or something something.Yea its boring but look closely at one of the computer screens behind the man talking.One of the worker is watching "Those kind" of pictures.Wow , he was working and looking at "Those" pictures in the same time.

Ops my pencil is broken , I am finding a best friend =(

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