Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jay Dinner Party

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

20 February Saturday - I hate the feeling of a holiday ending !!!

Hey whats up guys , I am finally freed ... I finally know the truth.Its 1am right now and my father is playing poker with his computer again.He actually made a Facebook account !!! I think he is going to spy me like those communist xD.One of my friend has came back from her hometown , welcome back Calyn.Now only come back haha xD.

Now people we all know that I went to Jay's dinner party.My brother was so excited to get drunk and drink wine.He worn a very stylish outfit today , he looks like Han Xien =.= .Its sad that Kim and Kan can't come.Kan went out with his relatives while Kim I dunno lol.Kan would usually be the heavy drinker along with my bro and Jason.Lets see what happened in the party ~ I will left out some details and info...

Now the first thing I done when I got there was seeing Ron and Teoh playing MSN.It seems like Ron is chatting with a girl , can I say this is flirting ? xD.Others were playing Mah Jong , the click clack sound of scrambling Mah Jong always gives me the goosebumps.

Later its steamboat time , I wonder why they call this steamboat.Its not a boat , maybe because it looks like a boat and it produces steam when the water inside is heated lol.Okay now , this is how a steamboat works.Just throw whatever food you want in it and then heat it up.When its done , take it all out and eat.Heres a small tip , vegetables make the soup taste sweeter and tastier.Don't put too much seafood because the soup's taste would change.

After a big dinner , everyone went into their chilling form.Some playing Mah Jong while others play computer.A few just chill around and talk.Ron , Jay and teoh started to sing while Ron plays the guitar.A new SHE is born !!! Oh wait...k nvm.I found out HJ likes listening to Classical music , awesome xD.Canon in D minor , truly a remarkable piece.Theres a rock version of it , playing Canon in D with a electric guitar is very hard.

I was the last one to go back home :(

Jay , we enjoyed the party.Don't feel guilty ~ Give me a big smile kay ?

Oh and Calyn if you are reading this , tell me your new blog link.

Ops my pencil is broken , AWW my bro never got drunk xD

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