Thursday, February 18, 2010

Opening A Book

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

18 February Thursday - War ? War never changes...

Hey whats up guys , ignore the little intro above because I just watched some war movies.My mind now is all about world war 2 and cruel times during war haha.So I was pretty busy today because I created a fan page on Facebook.Now I don't really do this things but my friend suggested me to do it.Its easier to keep track of my stories on Facebook.Now I am really grateful to all those who became a fan , I got around 14 fans right now.I want to thank you guys for becoming a fan.Especially Kan for helping me promoting even though I didn't want him to haha.

There were alot of people I don't even think of them would become a fan.Nevertheless , you guys have my deepest gratitude.I will continue to write more in the future.So those who don't know about the page , heres the link!/pages/Kuala-Lumpur-Malaysia/Nicholas-NHE/355930399808?ref=ts

copy this link and paste it above the bar and then press ENTER ~

I am not forcing you guys to become a fan ><

So today I was bored as usual and started to watch movies based on war times.Like Saving Private Ryan , The Call and many more.War movies are one of my favourite movies , not because they got violence and gore.Its because they recreate histories and make them more interestings , unlike books that would make you fall asleep and saliva would be flowing down from your mouth.I like movies that are inspiring and touching , these movies inspired most of my stories and let me learn more of the values of life.Sci fi movies are still one of my favs and don't worry I like comedies too , I am not a old man haha xD ahem... 0_0

Eating prosperity burger

sorry for a short post , I am tired.Spent whole day making websites and writing story for my new book.The book's name is Tale By Tail ?.Its gonna be finished at my birthday , its free if you guys want it I could make a copy for you guys xD.

Ops my pencil is broken , See you guys tomorrow :D


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