Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time To Relax

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

21 February Sunday - Hey hey guys look at this !!!

How can that guy made his dog to stay like that ? That dog must the most obedient dog I ever seen and I seen very less xD.Its very cute , haha the expression of the dog made me say "Awwww".What is he eating ? Butter cookies ? Dog food ? Butter Dog Food ? It is such a loving and trusting dog.The master's friendship with this dog must be deep and strong.A Dog is always a man's best friend.

Heres another one xD

The video is from Mystery Guitar Man , trust me he makes one of the best videos on youtube now.His creativity is un-matchable by a longshot.Root Beer Mozart haha , I think he truly can be the next mozart.I wish I could meet him in person , it would be so fun to meet such a creative person.He is from Brazil but I think he is living in Los Angeles.

Heres a trailer of a very scary movie I just watched

This is probably one of the best scary movies I ever seen.Other scary movies are very obvious and cheesy.But this one actually made me focus onto it.Its about a couple moved into a new house.They sense a presence of a evil being inside their house and they found alot of paranormal activity going on all around the house.So one of the characters mounted cameras around the house.The camera caught alot of creepy activities.Watch it , you won't be disappointed ... I think :D

Wow , all I did was show you guys random videos.Aww well , nothing happened much today xD.

Ops my pencil is broken , the word mozart tingles me.


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