Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Carry On

2 February Tuesday - Its been a tough month ladies and gentlemen , we lost more than we could hope for but we will recover.

Do you guys hate a person that has been complained or scolded for something wrong he or she done then later that person would talk about crap bout how frustrated or depress is her.Just small a complaint would make that person pissed off and keep on talking about their sad life.One of my teachers is like that , I am not gonna say who because spies are everywhere.Even if you guys know , don't let the teacher know please.

Today I woke up with a blurred mind.I was having this weird feeling that I forgot to do something , something important but my mind told me to shut up and eat breakfast.When I got to school , I found out that I actually forgotten to do my Add Maths 2 homework.Aww man , you know how hard it is to do add maths while having tension on your back jumping up and down.Its like trying to pee into your mouth ...I'm just saying.Luckily , PHEW the teacher told us to pass up another time.Haha more time for me to do XP.

Han Xien also never done his add maths 2 so we decided to do during physic class.I know we looked frustrated but do you know how creepy is my add maths teacher if she is angry ? You better run away if she do.But the Physic teacher saw HX doing his add maths 2 and took his books away , lol tough luck.Because of that , I never touch my add maths 2 during that time.I am afraid that my teacher would kidnap my book and send it to Haiti lol.But after that class , HX took back his books yeah ~

English was hell.I finished my English composition but my teacher said why am I using pencils to write.I don't understand why the government only let us use pen and not letting us to use liquid to correct our mistakes instead of crossing the words or sentences off.Pencils are easy to get and easy to be erased , why the hell can't I use it ? IF the school board wants us to be more professional then let me use the computer , much more professional than the pen sheesh.My English teacher wants me to give her my Angka giliran so she could condemn my PMR's English to 0 since I told her I used pencil during the test.I know pens are brighter and more cleaner but what if you got a bad mistake and you can't rub it off only cross it off.It looks more messy than the pencil now !!! Let us have free will to use whatever tools we want okay ? The school board is not the one who is studying but the students are !!! Dumbasses.

Phew , I got angry ... rare 0_0.My pride got hurt badly so I got angry.Excuse my language.

Anyway today I was suppose to go to tuition but I got extra curriculum activity , so I decided to stay and see how is it like.But I ended up finding out I was the only one staying back so I went home and prepared for tuition.IN the last minute , no transportation =_=.

Lately I seen a video about some guys microwaving a wine box.I am sure my readers are all mature right ? I don't want you guys microwaving a wine box and ended up like the guys in the video.Dont worry they are not hurt but their table got destroyed lol.Heres the link , DONT TRY THIS AT HOME (No seriously try it xD)


They said its a fake ... hmmm

Okay guys thanks for taking your time to read today's post , I hope you guys have a great day !!! Go microwave the wine box , xD

Ops my pencil is broken , Wine box explosions FTW


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