Thursday, February 4, 2010

Retard Kicking A Ball

4 February Thursday - *Shaving my facial hair* Oh I am sorry ...

Hi guys whats up , my hair is dripping water right now.

If you are one of my classmates or from 4DK Dinamik then you guys would know that our English teacher has been changed to a new one.Now I don't know if 4 DK Dinamik has the same new teacher but our new English teacher is err not bad ? She is just gonna be here for 3 months and then SWOOSH she will be gone.I am so glad that she will be teaching us for 3 months , its like 3 months of heaven period and then back to hell.Oh what made me laugh is that she likes the color black because it brings her into the darkness.Creepy...

Argh , I played football like a retard today.I wanted my left leg to react and then my right leg reacted.I am actually blur enough to ignore a football passing through me and GOAL.Man I gotta play more football.My friends said I kicked like a ballerina , a ballerina is the one who dances ballet ! OMG

Besides doing that pendulum experiment nothing happened much today at school.I wonder why we could only use pendulum and not dangling fried chicken ? I am just saying that Sir Issac Newton hates fried chicken.

I just got news today that my Kanchelski got air pooped by a bird xD.The poop dropped on his shirt , lucky its not the head if not he would spend the rest of the day scrapping petrified bird shit xD and it would hurt ALOT.Today he done something that made me feel so proud of him T_T.

Should I nap ? Hmm

Ops my pencil is broken , why the hell do I always break my pencils !!!


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