Friday, February 5, 2010

Hyperactive Kid

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

5 February Friday - Aww the kid above me is so cute even though he is taking that thing while smilling at me :D.....oh no.

Hey whats up guys , its friday and it was fun today xD.But yesterday night was not so fun , my father was doing some praying ritual for Li Chun then the smokes were blinding me when I was sleeping.I used water and even went online to know how to stop the smoke from stinging my eye balls but I still ended up waking up late today.One word ~> SUCKS

Today when I was at my room slacking around I seen something interesting.My brother who is also an artist himself likes to collect weird things or make something out of something else lol.He recently completed his can collection and it is inside my glass cupboard right now.But today his replica of a flower made out of angpaos suddenly dropped two petals.The flower had 6 petals and two petals fell down now resulting a four leaf clover !!! A four leaf clover signifies happiness and lucky.Its a scottish legend , that whenever you get a four leaf clover you get good luck !!! Lets see whats in store for me xP

Now my brother wants to create a multi purpose pen , he will fail because he don't even know how to tinker stuffs lolz.

Everyone hates tuition ... I think ? But still I wanna write about whats going on in tuition today.My physic tuition teacher has a err how do I put this , a makeover.Well not really a makeover , ok you know what lets call this Bald Over.His head is shiny and smooth , he is bald 0_0.His beard is completely shaved off too.I wonder he did this for a lady friend if you know what I mean xD.Today , me and Han Xien converted scientific words into magical words just for fun.For Example ~

Oxygen = Oxygenicis Sulphur = Frog Legs ?
Carbon = Carbonoria
Zinc = Zincloria

Alchemy words are awesome xD.

Dont you guys hate it when your bladder is full and your "water" is coming out but a long line is waiting infront of the toilet ? The problem became worse when those people take their "rest" time too long.My god , I was suffering from Filled-Tank-Syndrome lolz.Four subjects today , Math class was the most noisiest of all.I guess nobody cares about Maths.

Ohya , I forgot to tell that I went out to buy a birthday present for a special friend of mine.I won't tell you whose birthday present it is but all I can tell you its going to be awesome.If you are reading this !! Get ready haha.

Not too long ago , my father saw a car that only allows TWO PERSON TO SIT ON.He said that whoever bought that car is a guy who does not know how to buy a car.Even if you sell that car , it won't be sold ~_~.Oh and my mom actually freaked out about a white butterfly in our house , she said its one of our ancestors coming to visit us 0_0.I wonder who it is but whoever it is , it is chilling on my couch right now.I think it wants to watch Spongebob Squarepants since I was watching that show by that time.

TOMORROW IS MERENTAS DESA DAY , to those who wants to get NUMBER ONE then good luck =D.Its gonna be fun running around town while getting tired.I need energy bars !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , who likes anchovies ? I know I don't.


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  1. woaa ... good luck in ur merentas desa =)
    +u +u +u +u ~.~