Monday, February 22, 2010

Reading Pants

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

22 February Monday - Dont pee in the middle of an amazon river ...

Hey whats up guys , I didn't went to school today with the obvious reason - Bai Tian Gong.I am a Hokkien if you guys don't know but I don't know how to speak Hokkien.All I know is "Jia Ba Be" , means "Have You Eaten ?".My dad hates seeing me dunno how to speak Hokkien , he sometimes regrets for teaching me and my brother English in an early age.Now I don't know much metaphor or jokes from Chinese Languages !!! If only I am in Chong Hwa right now , things would be different.

Look at the bright side , at least I know how to use chopsticks...not much.Can somebody teach me Hokkien ? Pretty please +_+

Don't you guys just love Bai Tian Gong , it gives you the freedom to burn stuffs.Well not all the stuffs , just some limited ones.Often , we would use a designation place for the burning but my dad wanted to be faster so he improvise his own burning spot.Its outside my condo , an empty spot by the car wash place.What spooked me was a police patrol car went by us but ignored us lol.I thought they would stop us.

Ever seen your vegies before they are prepared for you ? before they are even on sale in the supermarkets or local markets ? Heres a video for you on how farmers use Biological control to keep their crops out from Diamond Back Caterpillars xD

DONT WORRY ITS NOT BORING , after watching this video your eyes would be like this O_O.

Wow those funguses are sick !!! Thats nature , its scary and gross.We didn't experience it because we are protected by technology.Go camping in the rainforests and I am sure you would find these kinds of things happen all around you xD.Be sure to get your happy pants :) and ... toilet paper because leaves suck.
My dad forgot I have tuition today , he is currently outside of KL and he can't make it back !!! Han Xien is gonna kill me tomorrow xD

As we all know , EXAM IS COMING.So time to take out your books and pencils.Start closing your handphones and Facebook.Start READING and having black circles around your eyes :D.No I am just kidding , no seriously start reading now !!! Me personally would stop facebooking and youtubing.But I will still open my MSN and writing stories.Why wouldn't I ? I want to finish my storybook after the next holidays !!! MAC HOLIDAYS YEAH !!!

I am still in my holiday mood , so if I start reading my focus skills would be cut to half !!! Stop the exams !!! Saves trees !!! Thats what most Facebook Groups name will be but the government won't care :D

Ops my pencil is broken , Aww shucks don't be like that :D



  1. grrr.. i want bai tian gong leh ><
    but i dint bai at here
    =) i teach u hokkien, although i'm nt hokkien

  2. :D
    i'll teach u when i'm free ya ~