Saturday, February 27, 2010

Road To Nowhere

"Welcome ~@#"

27 February Saturday - One of my friend is beside me right now , he don't want me to tell who is beside me.

Life is like a road , a road with many obstacles.
Life is like an ocean , it is beautiful but dangerous.
Life has always been priceless , which no money could buy.
There are a lot of participants traveling in life's road.

I am one of those participants ,each with our own obstacles.
We are like the water , flowing through streams of rocks.
Choices are irrelevant in life , we must choose between them.
Always hoping for the right , always doubting for the wrong.

Right now , I am in one of the crossroads in life.
Choosing one and hoping the one I chose is right.
Knowing that choosing the wrong one would effect the whole way

Wow my poem writing skills suck haha , I felt like repeating the whole same thing over and over again.Poems , they are short but hard to write.Do you guys like poems because I don't really like them much , I don't write them but I read them.Some poems are nice but most others don't leave me an image in my brain.Anyways what I wrote is my feeling right now , a lot has been going in my mind lately.Kept on sighing whole day today.

I can't focus ... , my heart is crying and breaking.My mind is aching and beating me up.

Ops my pencil is broken , Haix



  1. come on, cheer up :D
    think positive ~

  2. I am fine now , thx for your concern :D

  3. =) allright, if you say so
    anyway, remember to think positively ya?

  4. so sweet...............
    that chocolate I ate just now,to refill energy xD

    Fine,release the positive power energy will let the people's feel happy around you too.Go back study first xD x2..