Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tick Tock With Me

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

11 February Thursday - Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I know I never update my blog yesterday because the internet was down and I can't do anything.I don't want to go to the Cyber Cafe below my block because I don't trust them , simple as that.So I am gonna write happenings of yesterday and today.Its gonna be a fun ride ladies and gentlemen so grab your seatbelts !!!

Yesterday , I was sick and my mom was about to bring to the doctor for medical treatment.But my dad suddenly went out because he has a urgent meeting in his office.Wow he sounded so official , I wish I could say that infront of my friends.Its Calyn's birthday that day , my inner self told me to go to her party and not tomorrow only give her.I don't know why , my inner self was pushing me to go before its too late.So I told my mom that I would go to see the doctor in prima and go to Calyn's party for a while.

As usual , my mom would freak out over me going out with a sickness.I don't like staying at home when I am sick , I got nothing to do.So I persuaded my mom to let me go and she agreed.On the way to the clinic , I met Shawn.He was on his way back to school for Kokurikulum.I was thinking in my mind "Oh shit , BUSTED" haha.But Shawn is a good friend , he told me that if I would attend to school the next day I gotta bring my Chemistry report and Physic report.

I don't wanna talk about my experience in the clinic.One of the medication syrup tasted awful , its like the combination of Lime + Lemon + Salt.Which is good for stomachaches.

My inner self was calling me to get to Pizza Hut quickly.When I got there , nobody was there but I stayed and ordered something to eat.Not too heavy of course , I just ordered mushroom soup and bolagneise.I don't look good that day , felt like shit so my mood was down.But after an hour , one of my old friend arrived with some of her friends.Her name is Cui Yee Lim , the last time I saw her was 4 years ago.She told me that there will be alot of people attending the party that day.AND she was right , there were like 20 people and most of them were dudes.

Everybody was waiting for her , some were even tried to call her.My friend gave me a tip that she may wear a brown or chocolate dress.But she was wrong , Calyn worn a blue patterned dress with a jacket.She had a entourage with her , I think its her boyfriend haha xD.I found out theres someone liking her , he was so excited before she arrived.He bought her an ice cream cake with guava ? I think its guava or isit kiwi but it doesn't taste like kiwi so it must be guava.

I didn't hanged around with them since I don't know most of them.I sat quietly beside the window most of the time haha.Calyn took some pictures with me though.The picture above must be taken by her.Later , everyone was singing happy birthday and the chinese version of happy birthday ? I think it was lol.She can't cut the cake properly since it was ice cream cake haha.I don't know what she wished for though.I enjoyed my time at there and the sound of laughter made sure I am not lonely.I just love seeing people wishing during their birthdays , their expressions and faces during wishing makes me feel happy.

*Calyn's Wishing Face*

Later , she and her other friends went to Time Square.So I went home and said goodbye , hope she likes the present.I won't tell you guys what I gave her , I hope she take pictures of her presents.

My inner self was right...If I don't give her the present that day.I can't give her the present the next day because theres gonna be extra class.Thank god...

As you guys know , Chinese New Year and Valentines day are coming soon !!! Chinese New Year is gonna be awesome but Valentines day...Looks like I am gonna spend another Valentines Day alone.And as usual , I would write a romantic story just for Valentines Day.I hope you guys would love it ^_^

I gotta earn back my money xD , I spent alot this two months.Each penny was worth it.

Heres one of my favourite songs , Usher - Moving Mountains.Kudos for Jay Ming's brother for introducing to me the song !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , MEDICATIONS XD