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Happy CNY and Happy Valentines Day [Story] : How Foolish I was...

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14 February Sunday - Happy Chinese New Year everyone !!! Argh I don't care about that right now , I am caring about Valentines Day =D.Why must Valentines Day be on the same day as the first day of Chinese New Year , it really sucks you know.I wanna plug my hair out haha , I got plans before this but now never mind then.

Valentines Day is the day when you share your love with someone you like or have feelings with.You don't need to celebrate Valentines Day with lovers you know , families and friends are other options too but of course mostly for lovers.Alot of people would think of dates and gifts for their lover.A heart shaped chocolate box with pink ribbon on it or a bouquet with beautiful decorations and flowers.Most people who take Valentines Day the time to marry or to confess their love.No other day is perfect for confessing your love.But careful about the risk haha xD

Oh did you guys listened to the new We Are The World ? It sucks =.= , the original one is better but good thought for the cause for Haiti.The new one lacks compassion =(

In a good day like today , really makes me smile.So why not write a story for you all love birds out there.Alot of people told me about their love life , most of them turned up bad.Some of them made it together.While others are still taking steps in the ladder of love.But one inspired me ...

[Story] : How Foolish I Was...

"In the middle of the wheat field , a man is sitting there while writing his diary.The winds were blowing hard that day , every wheat plan was being blown towards the west yet their roots remained intact to the ground.The man didn't care about the wind , he was so engrossed into his diary."

~@# In His Diary #@~

2012 February 14 Valentines Day - Hey diary , its me again ... Jack.I am telling you something right now , I am alone during Valentines Day.Why ? Because I don't want to have a girlfriend for a few years.Not after what happened last year , you want me to tell you don't you ? Of course !!! Your a diary thats what you are made for haha.Okay , I will tell you the story.

Last year , I was a real playboy.Every girlfriend I had didn't last for two weeks.But that doesn't stop me from dating and stopping girls from falling in love with me.I was the most handsomest guy in school , I am good in sports too.I was the talk of the school , I won so much competitions.Yet I am still craving for more , pride and fame got hold of me.Making me a "flower heart" kind of guy.

Long story short , one day when I was at school.One of my past girlfriends broke up with me because she said I don't pay much attention to her , yeah I was a real bastard.Everytime if theres a break up happened , I would scream and be emo in a garden of my school.That day was different though , when I was in the garden.A girl was at there painting , she was painting a potrait of a fountain inside the garden.The mood inside the garden was different , everytime I was there it would be raining or cloudy.That day was different , the sun shines and the birds sing.You could feel the life in the garden , every single living being breathing and growing all together.

The girl was like sparkling in my eyes , I never seen such a calm and peaceful aura coming from the girls I dated before.I accidentally said "wow" , haha I was astonished that time.The girl turned her head slowly towards me.She had the most beautiful eyes you would ever seen.I never seen a girl's eyes with so much details.I sensed a calm and soothing strike from her eyes , all my worries were gone.She came over and talked to me.She comforted me in a gentle way which no girl has ever done before.I found out that she loves art and books.She was not really my type but I ended up chasing over her.

I done alot of crazy things to win her heart.Like hanging posters all over school that I like her.Helping her in anyway I can.I actually stood up to one of the teachers when he was scolding her for doing art during math class.All those things came good into the end , I won her heart.I was her second boyfriend , her first boyfriend moved away to California so they broke up because they wanted to move on.

I wanna make this short because I don't wanna think too much about it.I was a real bastard back then , I was always not hanging out with her.I was really quiet about me being a couple with her.I was not wanting my reputation to go down like a river.Cause I was a cool kid but why was I being a nobody's boyfriend.But I really loved her deep down in my heart , its just that I was afraid to let people know.

During my birthday , the girl told my friends I was a couple with her.She painted a beautiful picture for me but I was an asshole.I scolded her to let people know I was a couple with her , I beaten her and threw the picture away into the trash can.I broken up with her and she cried alot.Why ? WHY AM I SUCH AN ASSHOLE ? BEAT A GIRL , I AM NOT A MAN ...

I was angry...but I felt guilty.I remembered all those times when I didn't spend time with her or ignore her when she was nearby infront of my friends.I was confused , why must the world must be categorized by cool or not cool.Why can't everybody accept the way we are , I just don't understand.

It was Valentines Day that day , I slept on my bed thinking and thinking.She done alot for me , she took care of me when I was sick.She helped me done my homeworks when I didn't want to do it , she cared for me.She gave me a birthday present which even my busy parents won't even care.I felt guilty and cried , I tried to call her but she was on busy mode or sleep mode whenever I call her.I went downstairs to get the picture out of the trash can.

The picture was beautiful...why can't I see it sooner.Why must I threw it into the trash can without seeing it.A boy and a girl sitting on the hill watching the beautiful summer sunset.But something was wrong , the part where the girl supposed to be was a hole....its gone forever.Something was wrong , I must find her as soon as possible.I remembered she liked going to an art centre to paint and learn.

I took the picture and quickly ran to there but as I was about to get there.I saw the girl crossing the road while crying , a car was coming in.It was about to hit her , I called her name but she can't hear me.I ran and ran while trying to get her notice.The car was coming closer and closer , I SHOUTED and called her name.

JILL !!!!!

She turned around but it was too late , the car crushed into her.I remember seeing her lying down in a pool of blood , I have never cried so loud and hard before in my life.Seeing the one I love , lying in a pool of blood.The driver inside the car was drunk , I wanted to beat the bastard out of him but some other people stopped me.I was so depressed , WHY ? Why must god be so cruel , why can't he give me a chance.

The last time I saw her was at the hospital , she was in critical condition.She always wanted me to celebrate Valentines Day by lighting a candle and have dinner together.I went out to buy a beautiful scented candle and dinner.As soon as I got back , I lighted it up but she can't eat dinner...She told me to come closer to her.She whispered to me

"Thank you Jack , thank you for fullfilling my wish.*cough* Don't worry Jack *cough* I forgive you"

With a warm smile and beautiful sad eyes I ever seen , she whispered.But the lighted candle didn't last long ... when the fire on the candle disappeared , she was gone...gone from my life.She passed away...I holded her hand tightly and cried all night long...

"The boy cried while writing his diary ... but he saw something that made him stood up.He saw Jill standing infront of him ... He walked towards her but she ran away.The boy chased after her , he ran and ran and ran.Until he reached the end of wheat field ... he realized its just a mere matter what ... she can't come back ...He stood there while holding his diary , he cried..."

(Appreciate your love ... before its all too late)

Happy Valentines Day

Ops My Pencil Is Broken , I dunno why but I cried after writing this story...


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