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Back To Hometown ? [Story] : Don't Do Dis Daddy

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

12 February Friday - To those who likes fashion , then I am sad to say that Alexander Mcqueen passed away.Man , Lady Gaga wears his design so those Rihanna.He was a great fashion designer , another great artist has left us.Please take a minute to stay silent.

CHinese New Year is coming yet my stomach is still killing me , I been eating porridge and soup all this time well...don't count wednesday xD.Anybody going back to hometown earlier ? My hometown is right here !!! xD , I don't need to move rawr.Guess I am one of those people who is staying in their own hometown.Now I got alot of friends going back to their hometown for the whole Chinese New Year which makes me feel like a bummer.I get lesser angpaos than most people T_T because I have seldom relatives.I got no cousins too haha , think of the pressure being the biggest of the generation.Is it generation ? or blood line ? pee line ? never mind ==.Its just that people would expect you so much from you for being the eldest.My mom would say "Be a pilot like that auntie's son" and my dad would say "Be a successful man son".I will reply back "Aww mom ! Dad ! I want to have a normal and easy life ! Not scaring my butt off on an airplane even though I could travel around the world..." Yea maybe thats not a good answer.

Well the main point today is not about hometowns , its about my story "Don't Do Dis Daddy".Now before you think something else , its not a dad torturing his child.I don't write those kinds of movies , its sick like Chucky...brrr.Oh and in case you dont know , Chucky is a mean little demon doll that kills people while talking ALOT.

Heres the story , I hope you guys would like it because I like it !!!

"Don't Do Dis Daddy"

"You Have A Second Chance...Use It Wisely..."

Its raining that day...Nobody has seen such a rain before.The rain was like any other rain but the atmosphere was different.A girl and her mother were watching TV at home just like any other family , same as the rain the atmosphere was different.The girl was sheding tears ... tears of grief while holding a cracked locket , a golden locket inside written "Best Daughter Ever"...

*Few Days Ago In London*
It was the MV awards that day , a famous singer named Luther was awarded the Best Album Award.He was the happiest man on the earth after receiving that award.After the award ceremony , he went to a party to celebrate with his celebrity friends.He was chocking down drunks and wine all night long.While he was drinking one of the finest wines by the bar , a lady caught Luther's eyes like lightning.The look on the lady told him that she needs a friend.Luther tipped the bartender with a pop and went through the crowd to reach the lady.As they approache each other , their eyes were like magnets , never repel each other's pupil.

But as soon as Luther was about to dance with her , his phone rang.His mind woke and took up the phone in a dash.It was his wife , he and his wife fought alot because Luther did not spend time with his family before.His wife was furious and said "Luther !!! Where in the world are you now !!!".Luther answered with an angry voice "I told you not to call me again !!!"."Don't you know its your daughter's birthday today ?" , his wife replied in a huff.Luther replied back "You should be proud of me woman , I won The Best Album Award !!!".His wife closed the phone immediately after hearing that and cried.Luther's daugther name is Anna.Anna overheard the conversation and went to comfort her mother.She said "Don't worry mommy , I am happy." with the warmest smile you ever seen.Her mom hugged her and cried for a long time.

At the same time , Luther was feeling guilty.He thought of the times when his daughter gave him a present for every birthday yet he haven't even done something for her.He went to a locket shop , he requested the owner to make a golden locket with "Best Daughter Ever" engraved on it exclusively made for Anna.He was so excited to see the looks on her daughter's face when she got the present.But when he got home...

He was standing inside of his house while holding the locket , he saw papers with the words "GO AWAY DADDY , YOU MADE MOMMY SAD" all over the house.In the same time , Anna and her mom came back home.Luther's wife scolded him so hard while crying "You always never spend time with us , I don't even know why I married you !!! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS MONEY AND FAME , LUTHER WHERE IS YOUR PRIDE TAKEN YOU TO !!!".Luther then replied "Honey don't be angry please , I bought a gift for Anna.Here Anna , Happy Birthday !!!".Anna took the golden locket and then threw it against the wall and shouted "DAD !!! Its too late , its already been 13 years and you never ever spent time with me.I don't know why my friends are jealous of me having a super star dad but I am the one who is jealous !!! Their dads are all so caring and kind , they always spend time with their daughters !!! I am the unlucky ONE !!!".Luther was shocked in awe...his wife was crying so hard while his daughter told him to never come back.Luther went out of the house , Anna closed the door with a loud bang behind him.

It started to rain ... Luther looked up awhile...the clouds were angry and crying.Luther went to a hotel , he was drenched with rain water all over him.He went into the bathroom of his hotel room and dried himself.Luther looked at his reflection in the mirror , he saw a man inside the mirror.The man who won't care about his family , the man who made his family sad , THE MAN WHO IS THE SOURCE OF ALL THE PAIN.He punched the mirror , the walls were closing in and telling him to do the right thing.Luther was confused and angry at himself.His heart was breaking and it was about to burst.Suddenly , his phone rang...

He picked up the phone and it was his agent who was calling him."Luther where the hell are you right now ? Don't you know you got a concert tomorrow , get your ass back to London right now !!!" , his agent scolded him.Luther replied "No , I am not going to London.I am gonna stay here and spend time with my daughter !!!".The agent replied "Luther !!! Its like I don't know you anymore !!! If you let it go now , your reputation would be jeopardized !!! Money ! Women ! Fame ! ALL GONE !!!".Luther's inner mind was fighting , karma is a hard thing to subside.His paragon side lost...his pride won and Luther agreed to return to London.He packed his things up and went to the airport in a flash.He stood infront of the airport , while looking at the night sky.It was still raining but much heavier ... the clouds were more angrier than ever...Luther went into the airport and his plane was 1407 , it was about to depart.Luther was confused ... he saw alot of dads enjoying with their daughters no matter what age they were.Everyone of them was smiling and happy...Luther was about to cry but an announcement came up and said that flight 1407 was about to depart in 10 minutes.Luther looked back at the airport doors , the rain outside was more and more heavier.Just after a while , he was sitting inside the airplane while looking at his window.He saw his daughter's face in the window crying ... He called back to him home and voice messaged them that he has gone to London now.

Few hours later , back at Anna's house.Anna and her mom were watching TV after having dinner.Anna was about to fall asleep but she was disturbed by the news on TV.It was flight 1407 back to London ... it met an accident and crashed...NO SURVIVORS.Anna and her mom were shocked and frightened.Anna immediately cried so does her mom.Luther died...Anna went to take back the locket , she found out it was cracked and it has the words "Best Daughter Ever" engraved on it.She holded it tightly , her mom went over and hugged her tightly.You never seen such a sad scene before...the grief the pain of losing someone you love...the rain outside was gloomy and soft...

But all things turned into the light , Anna's house door opened and outside was Luther standing in the rain.He changed his mind , he dropped being a singer.He got out of the plane after seeing a dad hugging his daughter who was sick , he wanted to hug his daughter too.Anna and Wife rushed over and hugged him.One big happy family ... finally together ...

Luther : Lets celebrate your birthday one more time Anna

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Ops my pencil is broken , use your second chance wisely...


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