Friday, February 26, 2010

Nature Sees Me But I don't See Him

"Welcome Mates :D"

26 February Friday - I don't know where are you or what are you doing right now , all I know is that you are safe and sound , not getting hurt.

Hey whats up guys , guess what ? I babysitted today.Not really babysitting , more like taking-care-of-my-brother-friend-sitting for the whole morning.Today at 8am !!! I was sleeping peacefully , dreaming peacefully and with serenity but awoken with the loud DING-DONG on my door.I ignored it for awhile , hoping its just a paperboy or some random mail guy trying to tell me about not paying the bills haha.But the DING-DONG persisted , so I went to the door with sleepy battering eyes +_+.He was my brother's friend , my brother went to tuition and left me a letter on my table to take care of his friend when he was away.

I was wanting to have a little bit of revision and later go to tuition but I got stucked with his friend.But it was great though , he left me studying alone and not annoying me.Which is rare from my brother's friends , because most of my brother's friends are high pitch guys xD.I studied for awhile but after seeing him so bored while staring at his Facebook.I went to play with him , we played left for dead 2 for the whole morning.It was fun playing with him , he was good at that game.

My brother came home at 12 , so I left his friend to him.Suddenly my father told me that he can't make it back home until 4pm and my tuition was at 3pm.It was lucky he told me earlier about this , usually he would call me at the last minute.So I walked all the way to there , I skipped Lunch and ate bread because I can't walk with a full stomach xD.I will cause an earthquake and everyone would be running around and screaming while I am like this

O_O ?

So while I was walking to there , I kept on thinking why am I living in this kind of industrial wasteland.I seen trees and air (Well not literally seen air) , but all of them were not that refreshing and healthy.How I hope I could walk in the paveways of the forests and the blue rocky beautiful mountains in Tibet.Feel the fresh air flowing through my lungs and the peaceful music sing by the creatures of the forest.I don't want smoke from cars and industrial loud bangings from nearby construction sites.Yet my dream has been destroyed.Maybe I would move to Canada or Australia when I am older , most old people go to Canada because its peaceful over there.

I talked like that guy who wrote the poem that I read during Form 1.I forgotten his name , all I know is that he has a cool beard O_O

Tuition was fun guys , its not boring at all.Physics teacher used his old PONDAN trick again and Math teacher was late for work haha.He claimed about Traffic Jam , hmm xD.BM teacher was awesome today , I heard he teaches the Sunday karangan class , I am signing up for his teaching skills and entertaining expressions xD.

So guys , right now.My internet is down :( , I am reading my books in the Cyber Cafe below.The CC was peaceful just now , I read and enjoyed for awhile.Then , people were starting to shout about DOTA.SERIOUSLY , WHATS SO GOOD ABOUT DOTA ??? =.=

Ops my pencil is broken , I am swimming in a pool of being Single for a long time.



  1. wow, ur brother friend really nice kid xD
    o.O? went swimming?

  2. I would imagine your face with a battering eyes and the saliva flowing from your mouth like water way? @@

  3. Ops my pencil is broken , I am swimming in a pool of being Single for a long time.
    this sentences shows you went swimming =)