Monday, February 15, 2010

Side Hug ?

"Viewer Discretion is Advised"

15 February Monday - Lately people have been asking me , "Nicholas why are you putting {Viewer Discretion Is Advised} infront of your every blog post ?".I don't know ... Maybe I want people to be more careful when reading my blog , you never know when a shark would come out and OH MY GOD it ate you.

Guys , do you hate it when you are minding your own business and then suddenly your mom comes in to talk about Feng Shui.I am sure you guys know what is Feng Shui...right ? My mom said the position of my bed is a sign that alot of girls adore me.I was like "HAR ?" , because thats not true.Usually when little girls saw me , they would run away and scream .If this Feng Shui is right , then I am happy :D

Now guys , this would be sensitive to some people.I am not insulting Christian , I am just insulting these guys.Theres one Christian Hip Hop Group made a song dedicated into telling people not to give a hug from the front , but you could give them a hug from the side.Because giving a hug from the front may cause sexual urges , I DONT GET IT.Everyone all around the world gives people hug from the front and not affected by sexual urges , only retards or perverts get sexual urges.The song's name is Christian Side Hug

Its Chinese New Year right ? Try giving your relatives a side hug , they will think that your weird and stupid.The video's comment section has been closed in youtube , probably alot of people are trolling them.Remember , I am not insulting Christian and I am not racist.I love Christians but these people in this group are faggots.Oh this video was found when I am watching RayWilliamJohnson's video on Youtube so check him out guys cause he is funny and he review viral videos.Heres the link

Today , I was bored and choking down alot of drinks on my table.If you are in my room right now , you will see alot of cans and alot of snacks.I been drinking and watching videos online all day , burping is common xD.But suddenly Jay wants to play Webcam with me , I never play webcam with someone before.Now I seen my bro's friends all play webcam all day long.They are not camera shy because they are younger ? Usually when I ask someone to play webcam with me , they would say they don't look good or shy.

I had fun with Jay xD , he can't talk to me with microphone though.His cousin is a one cute little boy xD.PS I forgot to screenshot my screen when webcamming.But Jay took pictures of me doing funny faces.

Now people , I don't usually talk about video games here.Usually most people I know plays Dota or other online games.But you guys just gotta check this out , its a trailer for Bad Company : Battlefield 2.Now theres something I like about this trailer is that it does not lie to you like most video games trailer out there , it actually speaks the truth.In this game's multiplayer , almost everything could be destroyed.You could use tanks and vehicles , you could also call in air strikes or motar fires on armored vehicles.

Now I know what are you thinking , "NICHOLAS ARE YOU LYING ?" NO.Heres the gameplay of the beta version of the multiplayer mode.The game is not released yet but the beta version or the demo version of the multiplayer mode was hand out to some guys.Heres the video of the gameplay

Look at the graphics !!! If only more people I know play these kinds of games T_T , I am so buying this in march but I gotta wait until my examination period is over =D

Ops my pencil is broken , I am bored ~_~ I am gonna write a story on my book :D


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  1. haha~
    i still hav ur pic in my phone~~XD
    i can blackmail u anytime i wan!
    juz kidding~ iwont do tht...