Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lets Take A Quiz

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

7 January Sunday - Sunday again , SIGH

Hey guys whats up , my friend just sent me an link to this quiz so I am thinking lets do this quiz right here right now.Ok the quiz's name is What Kind of Girl Would You Like ? I seriously don't know what kind of girl would like me so I take this quiz just for fun and maybe its right ? Okay heres the first question

1.BIG DATE TONIGHT!!!! how long have you known the girl you're about to go out with??

-Hmm I am seriously not picking "I know her today" , I am gonna pick blind date ? Okay I pick blind date.

2.Who asked who out??

-I am gonna pick "we just decided to go out" because I like mutual agreements lol.What kind of questions are these !!!

3.What would you wear ?

- Something casual !!! Formal saved for the last !!!

4.Where do you take her?

-Restaurant xD

5.How do you treat her?

-Woah I would choose treat her nicely.

Okay and the results are "could be anybody, you're pretty cool and will be nice to whoever you might decide to go out with, good call man!" and a picture of an anime girl.Stupid quiz =.= , this quiz is on Quizilla.Go to and you may find it.

But its good to know that any girl would like me .... oh wait quizzes are suppose to cheer you up.Moving on !!!

Okay guys , I know alot of friends of mine got RM200 for having full As in their PMR.I just gotta say , damn good job you guys have done.You guys have earned it , congratulations xD.Jay and the others were so happy to meet an old friend , his name is Teoh Kee Zhuan.He was one of us in our school but he moved to another school.Sure , everybody would miss him.Teoh if you are reading this , no matter where you go or where you live.You are still one of us man xD , keep in touch !!! Hope you are comfortable in your new school.Heres the list of my friends who got the RM200 !!!

1.Lim Jay Ming <--- Obviously
2.Ng Jia Cheng <--- Jimmy would be proud xD
3.Teoh Kee Zhuan <--- You earned it man !!!
4.Grace Goh <--- Nice job !!!
5.Ron Chin Qi Wynn <--- Cheeky Bastard xD
6.Lim Keng Shawn <--- Damn good Job !!!
7.Alisa Asdi <--- Once again good job !
8.Nurfalihin <--- You Go GIrl !!!

Phew , that was alot of names ~_~

This morning , I was sucking on a straw for lemon juice.I pass by a funny music video by Lonely Island.Here it goes ~ Its called Jizz In Ma Pants !!!

Ops my pencil is broken , RAWR


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