Saturday, February 6, 2010

Knick Knacks On The Road

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

6 January Saturday - I wanna take a nap after this ~

Hey whats up guys , its Saturday.Don't you love Saturday ? It makes me wanna run like the guy above me.Looks like Santa Claus late for work , no wonder we never seen him with his reindeers.Its because he is burning fat while running , well looks like he got alot fitter xD.

Road run has its ups and downs.Well the ups are well I really need the exercise not just for looking better but also for getting healthier.My breathings would improve and my chances of getting heart diseases would decrease.The downs are the weather and the pain inflicted on your legs later on.Malaysia is one hot country as we all know even though its not as hot as the Sahara Deserts.

Okay here it goes.At first I ran with Jimmy and then I stopped , Jimmy then said he wants to accelerate so he ran before me.Then I caught up to Yik Chun and Kim Hoong , Kim Hoong also said he wants to accelerate lolz so I ended being alone while Yik Chun was at the front.After the 3rd checkpoint , I saw Jay with Tan together walking slowly at my back.I joined them and they accelerated again lolz.I ended up walking the whole way with Yap Wai Chow.He was always rushing to walk faster.

I wish I am one of the medical team.They don't need to run , they just help people with injuries or trauma.Each checkpoint had about 3 or 2 members of the medical team standing ready with the teachers.I always tried to request a power bar but they don't have a power bar.Power bars are bars of chocolate that give you the energy to run more.But I heard that it tastes weird.When I was about to finish , I met an old guy sitting by the road with his cat.I saw his cute little cat staring at me with big round eyes , big round eyes are a symbol of innocent.Look at the Na'vi tribe in the movie James Cameron Avatar and you will know what I meant.The cat meowed at me so I started to meow it back.After a few rounds of meowing , I was about to continue my journey.The old guy told me to stop and he actually offered me Mandarin Oranges.You know those special oranges that only will be available during Chinese New Years ? Yeah that one.I was thinking wanted to take or not.I imagined asking my mom and dad in my mind.My mom would say "No , we must not take" and my dad would say "Yes , we should take".So...I took it and said Thank you.Whoever he is , he is one great dude !!! And if he is convieniently passing by my blog and reading this post then THANK YOU.Really appreciate the help from you =D

So I was at home , tired and trying to write this blog before freaking fell asleep.I passed by this particular video.Its about three guys playing catch , a famous social sport in America.One guy was talking about him not playing catch with his dad before and then he kept on getting hit by projectiles threw by his friend.And it gets funnier and funnier further into the video so I embed it here on my post.

Woah , first time putting a video on my post.

Ops my pencil is broken , my legs are sore and its crying to me in a silent way.


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