Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tweedle xD

"Welcome Mates xD"

25 February Thursday - Lady Gaga Telephone :D

Hey whats up guys , I am gonna keep this short because my internet is going crazy.Each 5 minutes , it would disconnect me and it would restart the whole thing all over again.My dad checked , its not the modem's problem.Its the problem of my condo I think or maybe just my house.So if you guys are staying near me , tell me if you experiencing problems with your net.I hate it when the modem cuts me off during in a middle of a conversation on MSN.

So today was a fine day at school , I cut my hair yesterday.Which is good because I feel more livelier and much more comfortable.No more oily long hair and oily face , say goodbye to those itchy scalps that were driving me nuts with those itches.Oh today there was a photo session , I won't talk much about it but I hate to button up my collar button simply because it makes me choke and feel uncomfortable.The final photo run was a freestyle run so I made a this face

:D Haha Just kidding , it was close to this but without the wrinkles and the furry back xD.

So guys today will be the grand opening of my new blog , Tail By Tale.It is a new story blog and I would post new stories over there but sometimes if it is short , I may post here just to ease you guys.I would put the link on the side bar so you guys could visit it.Heres the link , theres a new story I posted there so if you want , go check it out.

Hey guys I recently listen to this song , its nice and makes me happy all the time.

OH AND a little shout out for my friend Rachel for lending me Dragon Codex : Red , its a great story book xD.

Ops my pencil is broken , sorry for the short post :(



  1. yerr.. my school dun have free style de picture
    argh ><

  2. To prevent the riot,free style got some student act the disgusting pose,lol.Maybe xD

  3. that really not possible.. haha
    but I also duno why

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