Friday, February 19, 2010

Hsin Jie Party


"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

19 February Friday - Wiggle around in excrement ? Thats gross...

Whats up guys , its really cold thats what up.I just got out of a bath and I am chilling to the air conditioner , my brother doesn't want to close the air conditioner.Brrr , excuse my cold words.Now today almost everyone know I would attend HJ's party.But before that , let me tell you about a weird thing this morning.
Today when I was preparing for the party , I saw a bunch of little baby spiders in corner of the bathroom.They are like white little spiders all crawling around , I don't want to kill them simply they looked so innocent.Maybe a week or two later they will become fully grown adult spiders and I would kill them ... with a dictionary.I am a freak ~

I think I was the second person to arrive first.When I got there , I greeted JC and HJ.Her house is beautiful and spacious , I like the decorations all around the house.What makes me think its a coincidence is that I watched Yip Man yesterday and today her TV was broadcasting Yip Man too.Yip Man is a great movie by the way , watch it if you can.

After everyone arrived except for RZ , she arrived later than us because she had something to do.The first thing we done was Lou San ? Dripping Mountain ? LOL just kidding.Its like a you have a combination of fish ,sweet biscuits , sesame and some sauces then wala !!! You got a Lou San !!! Now that I think of it , it really does look like a mountain.What do we do with that mountain ? Destroy it of course !!! We used chopsticks and then carried it up high then put it back.Is it the correct term to say that ? I don't know how to say >< Chinese readers would know lol.

I can't eat anything today because I got the sore throats , damn I am a weakling.I already got the sore throats since Wednesday but I don't care , I kept on eating fried foods then I ended up my condition getting worse.Now I can't eat HJ's mom food , sorry I hope I was not too rude lol kept on rejecting.I went to watch TV because I don't want to occupy the dining table since I didn't eat lol.Guess what , it was the food channel haha xD.It was showing a chef cooking Ma Po Tofu , omg this brings me memories.Remember the time at Pavillion celebrating JC's birthday , Ma Po Tofu made me poo all day xD.

Now just after lunch , HJ opened Micheal Jackson This Is It.IT was great , the movie showed us what Micheal done during the auditions before the concert.Rui Zhen arrived during the middle of the movie.Oh ya I forgot to talk about the Angpao lottery.Theres alot of Angpaos on the blossom tree ? Is it a blossom tree ? Anywayz , those angpaos contain RM1-RM10.So the ones who got the RM10 means they are lucky xD.The movie was awesome , if only he is still alive the world will change.Nobody would replace Michael Jackson , sure you could make another king of pop but he won't be as awesome as Michael.

We watched Shaolin Soccer after a few rounds of Mahjong and poker ? POKER FACE , po-po-po-poker face xD.Stephen Chow never seizes to amaze me , his comedy ways always put people in their laughing shoes.Seeing people kicking football with Kung Fu , come on guys what gets better than this ? Okay maybe Kung Fu James Cameron...

Ops my pencil is broken , I am sorry guys for the lesser details but I gotta go ~~~~~ GOT A MOVIE I WANT TO WATCH RAWR



  1. I'm back =))
    oh? what movie you want to watch?

  2. eerr I want to watch Bodyguards and Assasins haha , quite boring de.