Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Food Combinations

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

9 February Tuesday - Milo + Maggi Goreng + Milk + Apples = Food Poisoning ? WHY

Why every time I feel happy and done all my hard homeworks so I could go to school next day without worries.And then something happens to keep me from going to school and makes me feel guilty.Last night , I went to the gym to have a workout and some get fit exercises.After that , I went to a nearby mamak stall and ate a maggi goreng.Then I drank milk with milo and then some apples.I went to bed after finishing the last of my homework and little bit reading on a book call "七天“.I bought this book 2 years ago but I never read it after I buy it.I started to read this book like about a week ago.And its very interesting , I believe it is my fourth chinese novel I read.I seldom read Chinese novels.This morning , I woke up with a smile on my face and itching for Chinese New Year to be here quickly.But suddenly a twist of pain hit my stomach and I thought it was maybe gas or a little constipation.But I kept on "pooping" and "pooping" all morning , I got a slight fever and my legs were soft from all those sitting.

So ? Maggi Goreng ? Milk ? Apples ? Milo ? Which ? I think its the Maggi Goreng or the milk.Maybe the milk expired ? All I know is ... I am one now step behind in add maths class.

So I was on bed today , wondering about things to do.I suddenly wanted to take pictures of my junk and random items in my room then post it in here to share them with you guys.I have one and a half rooms...Yea I know its weird.Half of the stuffs in my brother's bedroom are mine so that makes it one and a half rooms ?

I got toys since I was a baby and I never throw them out yet.Because every time I wanna throw something that has alot of memories inside of it.I would ended up not throwing it or regretting for throwing it after I threw it.I know most guys would say , [Your a coward Nicholas !!! ].Dude , I got feelings.Well I never seen my little brother throw things before except for candy wrappers and papers.

To those who attended Jay's New Year Countdown Party , you guys would know which teddy bear was my first teddy bear.Yes its the white teddy bear with paper attached to it.I remember I was 6 years old that time , I was a real bastard who only likes dinosaurs and stupid little race cars that cost alot.My father likes to furniture shopping but I don't.My father would force me to go and say he would buy me something nice.At the end of that day , my father was about to buy this BIG remote control car.But my stupid little brother convinced my father to buy a IKEA teddy bear.My father agreed because it only costs RM10 while my BIG remote control car costs about RM80.I scolded my brother alot but I ended up liking teddy bears ever since.

Imagine your a scared little kid who is afraid of the dark.You need something to accompany you instead of a little ray of light from the night city lights.Yes thats me and I ended up fighting over the teddy bear with my brother every night just to hug it with me when I was sleeping.You can imagine what happened when my mom took it away for laundry.YES ... I cried.

I may take pictures of things and junks in my room next week or this Sunday.I am currently saving money for a Google Nexus One.Smart Phones are better than normal phones in my opinion.Although they are expensive and freaking more suited for adults but I don't care.I like things that are multi purposed like the Gaming Computer I have right now.I know most people would say [Why the Google Nexus One ? Why not the Iphone 3GS ?].Nah , Google Nexus One has a better camera len.It has a removable battery so you won't need to buy a whole new phone just to use it again.It has a larger processor too so why not the Google Nexus One ?

Oh heres a review of Bioshock 2 , it came out today but I would only buy it at friday.I wish you guys have a swell day and now I am gonna take my medications.

Ops my pencil is broken , its been long and I never get chance to thank all of you for reading my blog so if you guys got any requests then send it to me by email or by comments.I would see to it that it is done.


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