Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

23 February Tuesday - Keep on saying , I ain't gonna talk.

Whats up guys , its night and I am tired haha.Never got to bath this morning because theres not enough time.I went to school and tuition without the freshness of coming out of a shower.My whole body was feeling oily and I had no mood :( .Its different now , finally got to take a bath xD.So tell me guys , don't you hate it when you didn't take a bath for a long time ?

Don't you guys love astrology ? It predicts your future and your feelings for the day.Theres a Facebook Application call "Astrology" , it predicted alot of my days and feelings.I am Aries and my birthday is well...go check my Facebook and you will know.Aries is a ram and a ram is a sheep. Meeehh MeeeH Meeeeh or Beeeh Beeeh Beeh xD.To people who play God of War on Playstation consoles , to them Aries is the previous God of War before Kratos xD.

I don't have alot of support in my life , only criticism lingers in my mind....I like who , you don't need to know and judge.

I haven't done my Komsas !!! OMG.I hate komsas , especially when teacher call us to find all those infos by ourselves.Theres no good reference book out there good enough to supply my needs RAWR.I am not really good in komsas either =.= .

Sorry guys , I ain't writing this post long because I got alot of homeworks today so heres a song to share with you guys.

Chris Brown - Crawl

Its my favourite song !! Don't say Chris Brown about what he done , he is human and humans make mistakes in our life.He is a pop star doesn't mean he is not human.

Ops my pencil is broken , my hands are weak...oh wait wheres my Hokkien Lesson rawr !!! Jia Ba beh ? xD



  1. xD i hate when long time dint bath..
    really ..euwwwww~ geli xP

  2. Especially the smell and that oily feeling -_-