Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby On The Clouds

"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

17 February Wednesday - Yoink ? Nah

Today was one great day , I went to Jay's house nuff said.This time my brother followed me too , so did my whole family.Maybe I should have said the whole family =.= , never mind.The first thing we done was eating steamboat in his kitchen , his mom's cookings are awesome and always tasty.But it disappoints me that I can't eat prawns because I am allergic to them but my brother always wanted me to eat prawn because he wanted to take a picture of my swollen lips.

After my mom , dad and grandma went to visit another relative.Well we started to talk about drinks.My brother got drunk before but I never even tried to get drunk probably because I hate wine and other alcoholic drinks.Now the reason why my brother would know how to drink in such an early age is because he took a sip of wine during 12 years old and he loves it.Every time someone offers me a beer , I would refuse.I don't like the after taste =_=

Mahjong was fun , we talked about some jokes that I can't mention here :D.This was my second time playing Mah Jong and the first for my brother.Well we had fun there with Jay Ming and Jason , I am not gonna say much of it.We took the rest of the time chatting and facebooking , simple as that.Oh and Jason's friends came to visit today.Sorry Jay , I can't help you to fix that problem :(

Now today I am in the mood of writing a story , mainly because I promised you "Baby On The Clouds" weeks ago but I haven't write it yet by that time so here it is ~

This is my first story in my upcoming book - Tale by Tail ?

~@#Baby On The Clouds#@~

A beautiful evening , everything were was beautiful and never hurt.The sun was orange and the wind was blowing hard.In the middle of a peaceful town De Capicro , there was a jolly carnival going on inside the beautiful town.Everyone was enjoying the carnival , eating candies and enjoying rides all over the carnival.But not everything was fine and dandy , one oldman and his hot air balloon ride were down in the dumps.The weather was windy and it could be dangerous if someone ride on the hot air balloon.

The old man was carrying a baby whose name is Sustantivo.Sustantivo had a little hair by that time but every single short little baby hair was white as clouds.Everyday , the old man who is also the baby's grandpa would took him in the hot air balloon and surf the skies.Sustantivo loves to touch the clouds but never got a chance to touch the clouds because his grandpa was very touchy into Sustantivo's safety.He doesn't want Sustantivo to fell or got hurt.

But that was different , the old man placed Sustantivo into his cradle inside the hot air balloon.He went for a toilet break and a little lunch.Sustantivo was sucking on his pacifier while looking at the skies , he was a baby by that time but he still dreams of to be in the open skies.Suddenly , the hot air balloon's anchors got loose and it flew up into the sky.The hot air balloon flew right up into the sky and everyone was watching it flying away gracefully with the winds.The old man finished his bathroom break and came out with an opened wide jaw.He was watching standing still while watching the hot air balloon flying away with Sustantivo with it.

The hot air balloon was flying peacefully even though the wind was really deadly.Sustantivo finally got to feel the smell of fresh air in the sky , he finally got a chance to touch the clouds but he was not tall enough to touch.It was all fine and dandy but the hot air balloon was flying to a storm.Inch by inch , the hot air balloon was getting closer to the clouds but suddenly laughter was heard.There was giggling and there was laughing all around the hot air balloon.A gentle and soft laugh that none had ever heard before.

Suddenly , all over the balloon was flying angels.They are not the angels we seen in graphic novels or storybooks though.They were baby angels with little floppy winds , they were cute little white diapers with a golden pin attached.The baby angels took the hot air balloon off course to the storm.They took the hot air balloon into the clouds.They landed the hot air balloon on the clouds and used the golden pins to attach the hot air balloon onto the cloud.They carried little Sustantivo out from his cradle and placed him on the clouds.Sustantivo was not frightened , he was OVERJOYED !!! He finally get to step on the clouds and he met angels.

The baby angels were all giggling and laughing.Sustantivo stood up in his very first time , he wanted to walk and not crawl.He wanted to move fast so he could step on every cloud he could see !!! The baby angels helped little Sustantivo to walk and just about time he knows how to walk.He was taught by angels how to walk instead of parents or adults.Out in the midst , a bigger baby angel came out with a little crown on his head.The other baby angels stopped laughing and stood in a line orderly.The crowned baby angel walked towards Sustantivo and looked at him.Little Sustantivo was not afraid , he smiled back at the crowned baby angel.

The crowned baby angel smiled back at him :) , imagine a cute little baby smiling at you right now.The crowned baby angel is the king of baby angels , he ordered the other baby angels to take little Sustantivo for a tour around the little kingdom.Little Sustantivo saw alot of amazing things.

He saw baby angels watering cloud plants all over the kingdom.When theres too much water in the cloud plants , the water became rain for the people down below.He saw baby angels preparing cupid arrows for cupid , they all have a little pink halo on top of their heads.Every single one of the cupid arrows were kissed by the baby angels to have magical love powers.The king of baby angels invited Sustantivo to his little cloud made castle , each step they took was like a moonwalk.They bounced and bounced , it was like a trampoline ~ Boing Boing.The king of baby angels had dinner with Sustantivo and the other baby angels , the meal was exquisite.

But suddenly loud footsteps were closing in and someone shouted "Where are those worthless babies.It was the sound of a angry cranky old woman.The king of baby angels acted fast and took Sustantivo away back to his hot air balloon.The little baby angels had no knowledge of what so ever of operating a hot air balloon.So they called in baby angels who are specialist in flying , they are scouts to spy the skies in order to let the castle to avoid other air crafts.They were also the ones who saved little Sustantivo from the storm.They carried the hot air balloon back to the carnival.But before they go , Sustantivo said goodbye to the king of baby angels and his subjects.Tear was rolling down but Sustantivo managed to throw his pacifier back to the king of baby angels as a gift to remind that special day.

In the carnival , the old man never left the carnival.Everyone left because it was closing hour.The old man was crying and shouting for his little grandson to come back.The little baby angels carried the hot air balloon and silently placing it behind the old man.They flew away and let out a giggle , the old man heard the giggle and turned around.Tears were flowing down his face as he saw his little Sustantivo came back into his arms.Little Sustantivo hugged his grandpa's thumb while looking at the sky ~

*Years Later*

Sustantivo is now old enough to operate the hot air balloon without his grandpa.He was riding the same old hot air balloon from years ago.He was painting a picture of clouds on the hot air balloon.Just when he was about to finish the picture , a pacifier dropped down on his head.Sustantivo hold the pacifier tight and noticed it was the same pacifier he threw to the king of baby angels years ago.Suddenly , he heard sounds of giggle all around...all sounded so angels yet had a hint of babies :D

*Dreams Do Come True*

Written by Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

You guys like it , if you do PLEASE tell me.I don't want to put a lousy story into my book ><

Ops my pencil is broken , babies are cute :3


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