Wednesday, February 24, 2010


"Viewer Discretion Is Advised"

24 February Wednesday - I gotta feeling that tonight is gonna be a good night !!! Wrong , its not =.=

Hey whats up guys ? Let me ask you one question right now , did you guys ever seen a mother giving up hope on her son ? Well I got a friend whose name I can't mention because the internet is a very dangerous place.You never know this would start a controversy and the mom will end up staying in jail while singing to old country folk music O_O.Internet people likes to start arguements and most of all , they like cats.

Today is one tiring day.We got extra curriculum class so I stayed in school until 5pm.I been quite quiet today because I am writing a story in my mind.The only class I paid attention today is Add Maths class.Today , me and Han Xien skipped Pengakap class because I don't like seeing a friend being alone.I always try my best to keep my lonely friends companied.I know the pain of being alone , bored and moody.We talked about Mass Effect and he was really interested in it.Good xD.One thing I HATE about Pengakap.Calling us to buy a very thick book with 200 pages but how can we filled up the whole book by the end of 2010.Theres only like 8 or 10 more classes ahead , maybe they want to us to throw the books into the fireplace and make a bonfire xD.Marshmallows ~

So today I went out to buy a Komsas Reference book.On the way to the bookstore , my brother kept on talking about puberty.What is with him and pubic hair ? Maybe this is a stage of growing up , yeah I think it is.If I have a son when I grow up , I will tell him this when he is in puberty."Son , when your all grown up.You will have hair all over your body and your voice will become like Phil Collins for a while.You will like girls more and you would flirt them more rather than beating or pulling their hair :D".No I am just kidding , maybe I will change my line.

The whole bookshop doesn't have the komsas book I want.But I finally found one BUT it is inside a RM26 book , the komsas book is actually a handbook inside a BM reference book.I don't want the BM reference book , I want the komsas one.So I told my mom I will slip the handbook into my plastic bag but I saw security cameras so...I gave up.I am such a bad boy.RM26 gone just for that small little handbook , I don't even think I will touch the BM reference book -_-.

So after I bought the book , I was singing Jay Sean - Down.Then when I got up into the car and tuned into the radio.The FM was broadcasting Jay Sean - Down !!! What a coincidence ~ Next time , I am so gonna go the end of the rainbow.So that I could get that pot of gold from that Leprachaun.Leprachauns are like small little midgets with green clothings.They love gold and long orange beard :D

JIA BA BEH ?? My Hokkien still sucks :P

Ops my pencil is broken , Welcome to the church of vegetables !!! Lettuce pray !!!



  1. Marshmallows ~ yummy!i like it =)
    why got such so expensive book ? i never seen before, haha

  2. Its a form 4 and form 5 BM reference book

  3. o.O? the thick thick one .. haha