Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buzzy Day

"Honey Bees"

30 June Wednesday - Weird Day

Today was a very tiring day , I can't seem to pick myself up enough to even stand after I got home.I am such a weakling.I never posted anything for two days , because I been busy with homeworks and that drama that we are gonna perform tomorrow.Usually even if I have alot of homeworks , I would update my blog.But I was being rushed to complete my new physics note book since my old one is lost.I borrowed someone and I forgot who I gave , now I gotta deal with it and create a whole other new book.Luckily , I managed to finish it  yesterday.Tomorrow , me and my other friends are going to perform a drama based on skipping school.I hope the process goes well since we done a lot of practice today.I am the actor and co-director of the group.

Friday would be report card day which I despise.I hate report card day because it is one of the only few days that parents and teachers gather together to plan their master piece in improving the child's academic.This usually end up with a quarrel between the child and parent and then cold war if both sides are die hard fighters.My father sometimes secretly ask for information about my condition in school from my class teacher.My mom likes to chat with my Ex-English Teacher , so I guess theres a network between my parents and the school.

These few days , there were bees building pods all around our classroom.The pods contain larvae of the bees.But I think they are not bees , since they have a smaller middle part.I guess they are wasps , if they are then I don't know if we are in trouble or not.I am gonna look into and research about wasps and bees later.I will tell you the results tomorrow.

June is ending , means we are half way this year.Another half left and then I am form 5 , SPM here I come ! But I don't really want SPM to be there in the first place , it is a real killer.I have only one friend who has a name which rhymes with "June" , she has her own blog.If you wanna visit her blog then go to the link I posted on the side bar --->.I think you will like her blog.

Ops my pencil is broken , Tomorrow is the dawn of July.


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