Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"Arrh Chicken Soup"

15 June Tuesday - My tongue got burnt by that chicken soup !!

Hi guys , my tongue got burnt by a bowl of chicken soup I just drank.But this happens to me all the time when I am drinking soup , I am just too impatient to wait the soup to get cooled down so I just swallow it whole while it is smoking hot.I never seem to learn lesson on the art of soup drinking , its an ancient art promoted by the Spoon people.I am not making this up ! They disappeared because they are tired of seeing us using their babies us eating utensils.We are sick and wrong.

I had nightmares recently , reoccuring ones.Two days ago , I dreamed of myself in a dark forest walking through the darkness that shrouded me.I can't see anything except for the fog surrounding me , I walked slowly through the fog for fear that I would stumble upon an object and fall.I found myself walking straight into a cliff and fell into the river stream flowing through the land below.I was soaking wet but I can't feel anything at all , no pain and no signs of me feeling wet.

The river was very rough , I can't remember if I was swimming or just letting the water dragging me through the entire stream.I remember waking up on land and I saw broken boat with paddles on it , all broken and all wet.It was a sign that it has been used before not too long ago in fact.I stood up and then the nightmare stopped , I found myself waking up on my bed while the sun shines into my room.

The same thing happened again the night before and yesterday night.The dream inspired me to write a new story , I am getting tired of writing love stories.Now time for a psychological thriller , just wait and see guys.

Ops my pencil is broken , dreams.


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  1. Fiction? or non-fiction? It sounds real ._.