Sunday, June 13, 2010

Borderlands Rampage

"Alot Of Em"

June 12 Saturday - Borderlands

Today my friend came to my house and told me to play Borderlands with him on LAN , my brother followed us so we rocked on the world of Borderlands.Borderlands is a video game that talks about survival and treasure hunting on the harsh and cruel planet of Pandora.It has a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode too , so it is tons of fun.You could use your own single player character and play together with other players all around the world fighting monsters and raiders in Pandora.

I used Lilith , a siren.My bro used Roland a Soldier and my friend used Modercai a Sniper.The game was hilarious , we died alot and we kept screaming.The first boss , I kept running around as the boss was chasing me around.I kept on shouting like a little girl because I was about to die while my brother and my friend were busying focusing on another monster.I kept getting bad guns !!!

We did not made it to the second boss , but we kept on doing side quests.One side quest required us to go into a cave and collect shock crystals.We ended up getting our arses kicked by powerful monsters inside , we managed to reach the half of the cave but we died alot so we gave up.Theres one particular monster that you can't damage it well with normal gunshots on it's body , you gotta kill it by shooting it in the eye.Its a really small target but deals large damage against it.

An interesting day indeed , I also cleaned my Guinea Pig cage.

Ops my pencil is broken , clean as a whisker.


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